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Digital Scrapbooking Kits in Action

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Digital Scrapbooking Tips


Digital Scrapbooking with Microsoft PowerPoint

Digital Scrapbooking has now become a hobby for creative individuals who want to share their memories with others in a visual manner. Traditional way of creating scrapbooks has proved to be too much expensive and a mess, as compared to digital scrapbooking, and hence people are willing to learn the tools they require for creating… Read More »


Mis-conceptions Regarding Digital Scrapbooking

Digital Scrapbooking is now gradually taking over the traditional method of capturing life-events in a scrapbook. However, there are still a few myths surrounding the phenomenon of digital scrapbooking that have slowed down the switch from the old way of creating scrapbooks. At Digidesignresort, you can find out that they have been proved wrong with… Read More »

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Make a Digital Scrapbooking Layout

Tutorial to create your own Digital Scrapbook

Create a Scrapbook: Wintertime in the Forest

This tutorial teaches you to use the Wintertime in the forest kit from DigiDesignResort to create your very own custom Digital Scrapbook in the free software GIMP. Digital scrapbooking is very easy. Just follow these steps.  Digital Scrapbooking in GIMP It is assumed that you have downloaded and installed GIMP. Note: The words ‘element’, ‘layer’… Read More »


A Baby has arrived – Create a Baby Scrapbooking Layout

Creating baby scrapbooking layouts when a new little one just arrived seems to be naturally. We want to keep all the memories in mind we will have during those first days. Or, you might even have a few photos you never did anything with – then this video will help you. You learn how to… Read More »

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Digital Scrapbooking Bonus Offer

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