Let's dream a bit: Welcome to your favorite Place to escape from Reality and dive into a creative tropical Paradise!

Imagine you have just arrived at your favorite creative Resort - Digidesignresort -, you put your luggage into your room and you leave it to explore the Resort for the first time.
To get into the right mood let me invite you to join a creative class, so you can see what we are up to at Digidesignresort. We will sit down together and wether grab our iPad and start exploring Procreate (I promise you'll get to know the program in no more than an hour!) or find new ways to get inspired during an Art Challenge. And, honestly, that's not so difficult in a tropical environment, is it?
You can join one class or both, that's totally up to you.
Let's relax and start our journey together with an escape from reality! 

How does that sound?

Art Challenge

Finding Inspiration in Nature

Is your mind still full of today's duties and you think that it's impossible to get into a creative mood? Well, then this class is for you! In very short lessons which do not need your full attention right away I show you how to see the world with different eyes!
And you just follow along with the included material or with whatever you already have on your mobile. Or you go for a walk to finally take a break from every day life!

Procreate for iPad

Beginner Class

As soon as you feel your creative juice flowing you need an outlet! What could be better than your iPad and the Procreate drawing app?
In this second free online art class I show you how to sketch, draw and shade in Procreate. And while taking the class you learn all the basic functions. Again, this class is not overwhelming and perfect for anyone who wants to get started.

Once you are done with these two classes consider to join the Safari Lounge Designer Classes. You will not only learn more about how to draw but also how to turn your artwork into digital and physical products for yourself, gifts or to build your own business!

Safari Lounge Designer Classes

Learn everything you need to know to become a successful Artist and Designer. Let's draw and and illustrate or plan your business together, it's all there, personal coaching included!