The Dinos have arrived! Free Printable Maze Game for instant Download

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As a child my mum always bought me a magazine called "Bussi Bär". And while it might sound strange in your ears for me it meant the world. Inside there were stories, games, things to cut of and... well, yes, also Maze Games. And everything was handled by Bussi Bear and his little dog Bello. I loved these guys! And therefore, when I stumbled over Maze Games I knew I had to create some. So here is not Bussi Bear but my Dinos.

This free printable maze game is great for birthday parties, goodie bags and whenever your child has to wait. They are entertaining and keep them busy.

Can you help these two to find their way to each other? You see there are three possibilities but which is the right one?
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This file can be found in the Library. The file number is: SKU21044.

Wanna join me creating the Maze Game?

No matter if you "just" wanna play or join me creating maze games you can find everything in this post. Here is a full video about how to create a maze game in Adobe Illustrator.
I use a Maze Game Package*, the "Dinosaurs" Collection* and a scissor vector* to create this printable.

Why do Maze Games?

Maze games are fantastic for enhancing children's cognitive skills. They act as brain-boosting exercises, requiring kids to think, reason, and remember as they navigate through the puzzles. By engaging in maze games, children sharpen their memory, strengthen their focus, and significantly increase their concentration levels.

Download the free Maze Game from the Library under SKU 21044 DinoMaze (Printable).

This file can be found in the Library. The file number is: 21044.

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Get the Maze Game Bundle for more fun!

Looking for a delightful holiday activity? Check out my shop for a fantastic set of 15 maze game printables! With holiday and seasonal themes, these puzzles offer the perfect opportunity to set aside your phone and engage with a pen and paper for some wholesome fun!

Introducing my delightful set of seasonal maze game printables! With 15 all-around-the-year-themed puzzles, these printables offer endless fun for kids and adults alike. Challenge yourself to navigate through mazes while celebrating your favorite holidays and seasons. Perfect for parties, classrooms, or simply relaxing at home, these printables are sure to bring joy and excitement to any occasion. Get ready to embark on a maze-solving adventure and let the fun begin!

I believe maze games offer endless fun for kids, adults, and make an excellent activity for classroom settings, perhaps even as a surprise treat on the teacher's birthday! They're perfect for adding to goodie bags, providing a delightful alternative to the usual candy overload at parties. Wishing you happy puzzling adventures!

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