First of all - thank you for stopping by! Glad you want to hear more about me, about Digidesignresort and the lovely people who work here with me. Maybe you already had a look at my "Behind the Scenes" post - although many many things changed since then. Beside that it's always nice to see where we came from.
No, it wasn't always easy and yes, sometimes it might have been easier to "just" work for someone else. But even after all these years I still have a vision - the vision to provide you Tools and Resources for your favorite Escape to do Modern Memory Keeping and Grahic Design and to live your creative life!

There are so many beautiful things you can create on your own but you might need a few tools. And I show you how to use these tools, I recently also published my "professional Bio". If you ever were interested where I'm coming from, what my background is, who I am and what I did - well, check out my Bio at the Safari Lounge Designer Classes.
And, as always, I love to read your comments and learn more about you!

I've always been creative and really, I cannot think of living without drawing, painting and designing. I always enjoyed creating digital goods as you may know - I've been designing as Mistica Designs (2006) even longer than Digidesignresort exists (2008).

Our Office

So here you can have a glimpse at our garden in January when we all of a sudden had winter upon us.

This is the look out of our office today!

I promise I'll share more about our "new" workplace but here is a look out of the window and yes, that's all our garden where we sit in summer, laugh and enjoy being with each other. And our office - well, we have a room just for recording videos, then the place where we sit with the computers and one for our colleague - you see, a lot happened since my first "Behind the scenes" post. 

Also a lot of personal stuff happened. Too much actually and too many things weight me totally down. They brought me to add my creativity into a coffin. But I crawled behind and got it back - and since half a year I am drawing and painting again. You can have a look at my YouTube Channel (for crafters) and the one for Designers here and see what I'm drawing ūüôā

I could keep rambling for long but hey, you'll learn more about us in many more posts to come. Because that is one resolution for the new year, sharing more about us with you.

New Products

Personally, I've come a long way. We started out with realistic elements - extracting those and putting them together to have a new scene created.
Today I'm back to "old school stuff" and draw myself. From Pumpkin Bears to Doodles, from Wall Art to Bullet Journal Spreads and I love doing that. Have a look at my newest products.

You can check out our new store here and find more.

Our Team

Maybe you wonder - where did all the designers go? Don't worry, they are not all mad at me and ran away. Sometimes you just need to get on new adventures. Beside that our old hosting company really made our lives difficult because we were no longer allowed to host the ZIP files there and really, what is a site for digital goods if you cannot host your products?
That definitely was another reason why everything went down. 
But we are back and with me my Mum (yes, she's still in the team!) and Markus, the guy who helps me with photos and videos. Beside that we also have a programmer and an assistant - people who all help me to get things together. Because sometimes it's not that easy.

I'll introduce them more to you some time soon. Don't forget, we are not just about creating digital goods but also about showing you how to create them yourself. 

Have you checked out our online classes?

Ok, that's it from me, for today, off to new adventures, hopefully with you!

Love always,