Free Digital Craft Papers: Summer Mist Printable

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I remember well how fascinated I was when I discovered how many things one can do with craft papers. I know it's obvious but for me it was not because here in Germany you hardly got these 12x12 papers a few years ago. 
So when I did paper crafts I used gift paper or other crafting paper in one color. And then, on a fair, I discovered these lovely 12x12 papers in so many different variants. You can imagine: I was blown away and that day I bought a "few" ;-).
Later I started to create them myself and, even better, I can even print them on my Epson Eco Tank 7750 which allows me to print in 12x12. You can imagine, that was a game changer! I could print what I want when I want on the paper I want - well, let's call it paper freedom!

So yes, there is a lot you can do with these Summer Mist digital craft papers and, even better, you can get them for free from "The Library".

Free Craft Papers "Summer Mist" in the Library

Wanna do some paper crafts? Well, no big deal! Download this craft paper set for free from the Library. Print the papers, do some scrapbooking or other paper crafts or use them for your digital projects. There is a lot you can do with patterned paper.

This file can be found in the Library. The file number is: SKU1159.

Why do Paper Crafts?

Paper crafts are a fantastic way to express creativity and imagination in a tangible form. They offer a therapeutic and relaxing activity that allows individuals to disconnect from screens and engage in hands-on creation. Whether it's making greeting cards, origami, or scrapbooking, paper crafts provide a fulfilling sense of accomplishment and pride in crafting something unique and personalized. Additionally, paper crafts are accessible to people of all ages and skill levels, making them a versatile and inclusive hobby for anyone looking to explore their artistic side or simply unwind.

Download the free printable Craft Paper from the Library under SKU 1159 Summer Mist  (Craft Paper).

This file can be found in the Library. The file number is: 1159.

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Get the Summer Mist Paper Pack for more fun!

Introducing my Soft Boho Style Digital Paper Pack, featuring 10 beautifully crafted 12x12 inch papers. Embrace the tranquil vibes of pastel yellow, blue, green, and bright orange hues, perfect for adding a touch of bohemian charm to your projects. Each paper in the pack boasts intricate textures and whimsical motifs, adding depth and character to your designs. Whether you're creating scrapbook layouts, digital art, or printables, these papers offer versatility and creativity to your projects. Elevate your creations with our Soft Boho Style Digital Paper Pack and let your imagination soar!

Digital craft papers in a 12x12 inch format can be used for a variety of creative projects, including:

  1. Scrapbooking: Design digital scrapbook pages with backgrounds, borders, and patterns to enhance your memories and photos.

  2. Card Making: Create digital greeting cards, invitations, or thank-you cards by incorporating digital paper as the background or decorative elements.

  3. Digital Art: Use digital paper as a canvas for digital painting, drawing, or illustration projects.

  4. Printables: Design printable stationery, labels, tags, stickers, or planner pages using digital paper as the base.

  5. Crafting: Print digital paper designs onto physical paper or cardstock to use in traditional paper crafting projects such as papercutting, origami, or decoupage.

  6. Digital Products: Create digital products such as digital scrapbook kits, digital papers packs, or printable art for sale or distribution online.

Overall, digital craft papers in a 12x12 inch format offer endless possibilities for adding texture, color, and personality to your creative endeavors, both digitally and in print.

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