Do I need a Graphic Design Background to sell Printable?

I'm subscriber of some newsletters of digital product creators (I don't say designers by purpose) who sell online courses where they teach others how to create and sell printable. And every promotional email (not every email) I get really emphasis on the fact that people do not need a graphic design background to sell printable products.

So you don't need a design background to sell designs?

Here in Germany we have baker shops everywhere. The owner of the shops, the baker actually, proudly sells bread, rolls and cake. They have learned for years to perfect their profession. They went to school, they earned a diploma and they proudly call themselves baker because they have learned all the insides out. They know what to add to the pastry to make it extra tasty. They know what to add to the bread to make it healthy. Because they have learned it. 
Why I'm telling you this?
Well, I keep asking myself why someone should be able to create digital products - in this case printable - without having learned the basics of design. Maybe a housewife can bake a wonderful and tasty cake (I know they can because my mum does the most wonderful cakes!) but they'd most probably never have the idea to open a baker shop because there are many things they might have not learned and might not know because they are not professional bakers.
So why do people think that they can open a printable shop on Etsy and sell printable without having learned the basics of design?

Watch my tutorial and see how I create these Affirmation Cards and learn why I have done it in that way and not differently. Try it, it's free - you can find the template in my store.

Can anyone sell Printable?

Definitely! And yes, you can do that as well, even if you do not have a graphic design education. But what I want to say is: Take the time to learn the basics about your new profession. I think it's worth it if you know what you do and why you do it this way and not in another way.
I agree it's easier to grab some templates in Canva and start throwing some products together, export them and start selling. But hey, aren't you taking proud in the products you create? And if you do you want them to look great. You don't want them to look like anyone else's product.
You don't need to become an Illustrator and draw all graphics you use yourself. I get it, that's not for everyone!
You also don't need to visit University for three years and earn a graphic design degree to sell printable. But how about learning the basics of design and using them to create appealing Printable you can be proud of?
What I want to say: Take pride in your work. No matter if you are a housewife and you can master to clean the windows (hey, I'm really not good at that...) or if you are a car mechanic you can be proud of what you've learned. And, if someone else wants to learn your profession, she shouldn't just get a template and start taking over your work and work self-employed in that profession. She should rather take the time to perfect her skills, doesn't she?

Learning Skills is worth it

So I believe that it's well worth it to learn some skills bevor you have a business. You never want to be overwhelmed. You never want that others tell you how to do it better or, even worse, not sell because your work looks unprofessional and "like anyone can do it". Take pride in your work. Learn what you need, use your new skills and then build your business.
No, it doesn't take you years to perfect your skills but it will take you a bit to get a hang of it.

So why the Safari Lounge Designer Classes are different

I created the Safari Lounge Designer Classes the first time in 2008. And even those days I wanted my students to learn how to design (and not just throw something together). I wanted them to know about the basic principles of design (maybe not everything inside out they don't need because we had a goal to archive). And I wanted them to know why they do what. 
And until today the Safari Lounge Designer Classes have this goal. The aspiring designer should not just throw something together because programs like Canva exists and they can. I want them to create a product knowing what they do, knowing how they can make it look appealing. 

I believe in the long-run the designer will profit from this approach. She knows what she does and why she does it and because of that she will build a sustainable business.

Will it be without any effort?
Definitely not. Is it without any effort to become a baker or a mechanic? A good housewife? I don't think so. But with the help of a teacher, some effort and good instructions it's doable and that is what counts. 

Will it take forever to set up the business?
Definitely not. If you work through the classes for two weeks and practise, ask questions and practise even more you can have your first products ready and start adding them to your shop. With pride. With knowledge. And without just throwing things together "somehow". 

So does it take more effort to be a member of the Safari Lounge Designer Classes?
I hope so! ūüôā I don't want you to throw your business together somehow but to set up a sustainable business for years to come - because you know what you do and you take pride in it.

Safari Lounge Designer Classes

Learn everything you need to know to become a successful Designer. Let's create printable products for sale and plan your business together, it's all there, personal coaching included!

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