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It's that time of the year again, Mother's Day is just around the corner! Although I'm just a "Cat Mom" I enjoy celebrating it with my Mum. Here in Germany that's always the second Sunday in May and that usually means a little "tea party" with my family - although they all drink coffee - in the garden.
And although Mum and I don't spend the day alone but with our family it's special for us.

The gift she asks for each and every year is the "Schwarzäugige Susanne" - if I have to translate it - maybe "Black-eyed Susan". 
And the great thing about our "Black-eyed Susan" is that you plant one and she covers the entire garden! And I can tell you, it's a big one.
It's blooming all spring and summer. That's what makes this plant so great. Btw - this year I bought two 😉 As I said we have a big garden so it's nice to have "her" blooming everywhere. I thought though that I could give her something additional she doesn't know about yet. And maybe you want to create something special for your Mum as well?

Special thanks to Cawa Kpyrnar from Pexabay for this beautiful image!

So yes, here is a free Mother's Day SVG for you! Upload it for example to Printify, apply it to a pillow or a mug or use your Cricut or Silhouette and cut the file on that one. Whatever you decide this truly makes a unique gift for your Mum - because - let's face it: Mums are special.

Free Mother's Day SVG File in the Library

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Make your Mum happy this Mother's Day!

This file can be found in the Library. The file number is: SKU24007.

Why Mother's Day is so important for our Mums

 Mother's Day provides an opportunity to honor and appreciate mothers for their love, sacrifices, and contributions to families and society. It's a day dedicated to expressing gratitude and affection towards our Mums. It also serves as an occasion for families to come together and celebrate their Mums. Whether through gatherings, special meals, or thoughtful gestures, it strengthens family bonds and fosters a sense of togetherness. 
And, on that special day Mum deserves a special treat, don't you think? How about making breakfast, baking a cake, taking her out for a meal and more?
I bet you have a great idea!

Unlock endless creativity this Mother's Day with our exclusive Craft Bundle! Featuring 4 charming cut files in SVG, PNG, EPS, and DXF formats, craft heartfelt gifts that celebrate mom's special day in style.

You can also upload the file e.g. to Printify and have them print a lovely gift for you. 

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Personally I love the endless options these files give me. No matter if I want to cut it out myself with my Silhouette or have it printed on whatever product - it's actually not a big deal. Beside that it's a wonderful and definitely unique present.

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