My entire "career" in graphic design and illustration started when I accidentally stumbled over digital scrapbooking in 2000 when my grandma died. It was the worst time of my life and the first time ever I experienced such a loss. It totally threw me out of everything and the only thing I actually wanted was preserving what I had from her. Each picture, her bag, blanket - everything was so valuable because she was gone. And with these things, that is what I believed, I could keep her alive.
Years later the bags and blankets are long gone but the pictures still keep her alive. They are around me every day, they are on my desk where I use them as a desk pad and in little photo frames, just everywhere it seems. 
And they are because I created digital scrapbooking kits and decorated the photos I had. 

I didn't realise until much later (maybe 2006?) that I had created a digital product I could sell. That was when I build together with my friend Maren (R.I.P, Maren - still missing you!) Digidesignresort - just because I wanted to be the admin of a large website ;-).
I found designers who joined me and the site got ridiculously large with a huge store, forum, a gallery, speed scraps and freebies three times a week!
Somewhere in 2009 I realised that more people wanted to create digital products but had problems doing so because there was some keys they were missing.
Many didn't know how to use an image editing program like Photoshop, understandable - it's a little monster ;-). They didn't know how to package their products, how to present them and how to market them.

As a teacher I couldn't help myself but build the Safari Lounge Designer Classes to teach all these people what I had learned over the years. 
Today digital scrapbooking might be not that popular anymore. But digital products are definitely.

I believe that you can build a sustainable business when you sell digital products - not just digital scrapbooking its but graphic sets, wall paper, templates and whatever you can think of.

And I believe that, today, more than ever you need a panic proof business which operates internationally but without you having to invest an arm and a leg into building it.

That's why the Safari Lounge Designer Classes still exist - in the version 2.0. We are no longer just dedicated to digital scrapbooking kits. I also show you how to build many other products - from vector graphics you can use in Print on Demand Shops to wallpaper you can sell e.g. on Etsy.

But the foundation of everything are digital graphic sets. That is what you need to create to not just sell those but all the other products.

And that's my mission here at Digidesignresort. I show you how to create digital graphic sets and use them as a foundation to create more digital products while having your own business.