Why I like Abstract Art: Nude Abstract Female Painting

Here at Digidesignresort I tell you all the time about abstract art, drawing and painting and that you should do it because - well, it's satisfying and, with a little bit of practice it's not that hard. It's really - and I mean really - satisfying if someone buys your art. Let me tell you a quick story.

My Abstract Art

This nude painting in acrylic is artwork I did when I was at University. Studying art also meant to meet in the evenings for drawing sessions. Usually we went to one of the studios, sat all together, asked another student to be the model and just drew, with different challenges attached.
For example: This painting came to live because we did 2-minute-pencil-nude-drawings. I know, you think - what can you draw in two minutes? Yeah, not that much, just the basic shapes. But it teaches you to "see". That's how I got faster with my sketches and yes, it was fun meeting my peers for drawing sessions.
In the end I've used one of these sketches to draw this female nude. It's an acrylic painting my mum totally fell in love with and put it on the floor of our house. Actually it is the house where we also work. So one day a customer cam in, saw this artwork and she was totally blown away and wanted it.
My mum didn't want to sell it so we took a high-resolution picture and have online printing services print it on canvas.
That's what I did for the customer as well and she was totally happy with it.
Actually my image is just on a sheet of cardboard while hers is on a canvas. I bet you know what looks better, don't you?
Maybe by now you might think "Sure, she can draw - she learned it at University" - yes, you are right. That means I got a lot of practice those days. And a lot of interest. I enjoy drawing and painting. If you'd wake me up in the middle of the night for a drawing session I'd most probably get out of bed ;-). 
So are we now talking about talent or interest. 
In my eyes you become talented as soon as you are interested. Because if you are interested you spend a lot of time doing what you love and you get better, every time a bit.

So, anyone can draw?

I say: YES! As long as you enjoy drawing and practice because you love it you can do it as well. My nude sketch is something which originated in a 2-minute-sketch. Yes, I practiced. But you can, too. For me it was always hard to draw faces but, as you can see, you don't have to.
When you go to Etsy you can easily type in "nude art" or something and you'll find 100s of line arts with just a few lines showing a human body - and they look beautiful. So why not start with abstract art? More often than not it's much easier!

Abstract Art in Procreate

Create an Abstract Art Set in Procreate

Create your own Clipart in Procreate and turn them into a beautiful digital product!

I know abstract art is much more than a few lines and shapes and I totally agree. But if you are just starting out and you think you cannot draw abstract art might be a great starting point for you. Starting somewhere is still much better as starting not at all, wouldn't you agree?
The class "Create an Abstract Art Set in Procreate" is perfect for you if you finally want to get started. We start drawing some abstract shapes together and you'll learn how to save them. In the end you'll have a graphic set you can use for many things. For example: I used the elements from this set to create a mug:

You can see: My artwork consists of a sun, a red splash, a few lines and some text. 
I bet you can draw that - especially when you follow along in the class 🙂

We do it together!

In my other class "Print on Demand for Artists: Turn your Designs into real Products and sell 

then without the Hassle!" I show you how to get your artwork on the mug. You can create it for yourself, use it as a gift or even start building your own online business!

Print on Demand
for Artists

Turn your Designs into real Products and sell them without the hassle!

In case you have fallen in love with my nude artwork (thank you!) you can find it in the store. It's the first time ever I put something traditionally hand drawn by me out. And yes, it comes to you by a Print on Demand Service.

No matter what you decide to do - don't forget: One of the biggest benefits of drawing, painting and just being creative definitely is that you calm down. There is nothing better after a stressful day to grab your iPad and start drawing. I say iPad because it has a fast set up - you just grab it and start rather than getting all the colours out of your cupboard.

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