Create an Abstract Art Set in Procreate 

***Turn on the sound of the video to listen to all the features this class has to offer!***

Do you want to create your own clipart sets and sell them on the big sites just like CreativeMarket, DesignCuts and more? 

If that’s your goal you are on the right path! These graphic sets can create a stream of passive income for you and I show you in this class how to create them!

You'll learn

  • …why it’s great idea to create clipart sets no matter if you want to sell the graphic sets or create products from them
  • … I show you how to get inspired
  • … and also that it’s important to plan and prepare for your product
  • … how to draw abstract art elements
  • … how to export them from Procreate
  • … how to create compositions for your digital product and to create physical products from them
  • … how to upload your product to Printify and and sell it

What you'll need for this class:

  • an iPad with Apple Pencil capability
  • Procreate
  • the Inking Brush (already included in Procreate)
  • the Sketchy Brush Desert and the Desert Color Palette (included in the class)

In this class we cover both aspects, selling the digital product and turning your digital product into something real.
We start creating the abstract art set together and, at the same time, we create compositions you can use for physical products just as mugs, pillows, phone cases and much more.

What you'll get

  • ... 11 Lessons in FullHD (1 hour and 23 minutes in total)
  • ... the Sketchy Brush Desert to draw without texture and frizzled edges
  • ... the color palette I used in the class
  • ... all my elements and the composition created in the class
  • ... once finished you automatically get a Certificate of Graduation!
  • ... Subtitles in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese 


You’ll learn with the help of 11 lessons in nearly 1.5 hours everything you need to know about creating a digital art set. It’s not just about throwing digital elements of any kind together. You really need to think it through or you might have a problem selling your product later on. 

Why you should take this Class

With this new skill you do not just gain some drawing practice for something which is really easy to draw even if you are not an artist it also gives you a piece of freedom.

If you know how to create art sets that sell you’ll have the ability to create a passive income stream and let the big players in the industry sell these products for you. If you are part of the big sites you can but you don’t have to advertise you can just have others sell them for you.

And each new graphic set will increase your income stream!

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