Why Artists should learn to draw with Procreate

Procreate is a popular digital painting and illustration app that has gained widespread popularity among artists, designers, and illustrators. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Procreate has become a must-have tool for artists who want to create high-quality digital artwork. In case you are looking for a comparison between Procreate and Affinity Designer check out this post. In this article, we'll discuss the advantages of learning Procreate for artists.

Learn Procreate for Beginners

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1. User-friendly interface

Procreate has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for artists to navigate the app and access its features. The app's layout is designed to provide quick access to all the essential tools that artists need to create stunning digital art. The interface is also customizable, allowing users to rearrange the tools and customize the color scheme to suit their preferences.

2. Wide range of brushes and tools

Procreate offers a wide range of brushes and tools that allow artists to create a variety of art styles. The app's brush library includes over 200 default brushes, and users can create custom brushes using the app's Brush Studio.
But you do not have to create your own brushes. There are tons of brushes you can get on various sites such as Etsy, Designcuts and CreativeMarket - just to name a few.
In addition to brushes, Procreate also includes powerful tools like layers, masks, and selection tools that make it easy to create complex compositions and remind at Photoshop and similar programs.

3. Time-saving features

Procreate includes a number of time-saving features that allow artists to work more efficiently. For example, the app includes a Quick Menu (swipe down with three fingers to access the quick menu) that provides instant access to frequently used tools, and a ColorDrop feature that allows users to quickly fill areas with color. Procreate also includes a range of gesture controls that allow users to perform common tasks with simple finger gestures.

4. Seamless integration with other devices

Procreate integrates seamlessly with other devices, making it easy for artists to work on their art across multiple devices. For example, Procreate files can be saved to the cloud and accessed from other devices. For example: If you usually work in Photoshop on your Computer you can export your file as a PSD.
This makes it easy for artists to work on their art while on the go, without having to worry about compatibility issues.

5. Professional-level output

Despite its user-friendly interface and ease of use, Procreate is a professional-level tool that can produce high-quality digital artwork. The app supports high-resolution canvases and exports images in a variety of formats, including PSD (as mentioned above), the Procreate format, JPEG, and PNG. This makes it easy for artists to create artwork that is suitable for use in a variety of contexts, including print and web.

6. Cost-effective

Compared to traditional art supplies, Procreate is a cost-effective solution for artists. The app is available for a small one-time fee, and there are no additional subscription fees or in-app purchases required. This makes Procreate an affordable option for artists who want to experiment with digital art without breaking the bank. Of course, you also need an iPad, in best case with an Apple Pencil.


In conclusion, Procreate offers a range of advantages for artists who want to create high-quality digital art. From its user-friendly interface and wide range of brushes and tools to its seamless integration with other devices and professional-level output, Procreate is a must-have tool for any artist who wants to stay at the forefront of digital art.

Of course there is a learning curve included. You cannot open the app and expect to start working. There are a lot of -more or less- hidden features.  For example, with gestures you can pull up menus, redo or delete steps on the go.

If you just got Procreate and want to learn more about the app, join my newsletter and get the free Procreate Class where we start drawing a lemon.

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Learn Procreate for Beginners

FREE CLASS with everything you need to know
about Procreate for digital painting.

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