Finding Inspiration for the Perfect Abstract Painting

Have you been searching for creative inspiration to create beautiful abstract paintings? Look no further! This guide will provide you with easy techniques to find the spark needed to ignite your imagination and help you create vivid, stunning artwork.

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Finding creative Inspiration in Nature

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Turn to Nature for Inspiration.

When faced with a creative block, turning to nature often works wonders. I usually go for a walk in the morning. Mum and I grab our dog Maxi and we walk for about 30 minutes. When walking through nature you usually feel that peace comes to your mind, just after a few mintes. Pay attention to the shapes, colors and textures that unfold before you in the natural landscape, whether you’re standing in your backyard or traversing a mountain trail. Take some photos for reference and use them as inspiration for your abstract composition. Observe how light plays off of different materials and take note of the intricate details such as leaves and petals. Be sure to observe both macroscopic and microscopic elements in nature; each can provide valuable guidance when creating an abstract painting.
For my class "Create abstract Wall Art in Procreate" I went for a walk with my husband. And I only took my iPhone with me. I took pictures and videos and I can tell you - I discovered so many new things, it's amazing!
Usually I think: If I were in California at Pfeiffer Beach (we were there in 2009) I could so easily take pictures! But then, if I go through nature with open eyes, here just around my corner, I discover so many new things! So - no matter where you are in the world just go for a walk and take your phone with you, nothing fancy, just your phone. And, btw, even the season doesn't matter. While there are flowers in spring and summer you can definitely find interesting leaves in fall and pieces of old plants and broken wood in winter.

Explore Paint & Color Palettes

After observing nature and taking photos, investigate what kind of abstract painting you can create. Looking at paint swatches and color palettes can help you determine the best options for your piece. Mixing shades, tones and hues that compliment one another can create a visually balanced abstract work of art. Try to find colors with depth by carefully considering the different undertones. Knowing basic principles such as complementary colors, split-complementary colors, analogical colors, can help you choose the right palette for each painting.

Spend Time at Art Galleries and Museums

Visiting galleries and museums is a great way to get inspired and find inspiration for an abstract painting. By observing the diversity of techniques, color palette, composition and texture from different artists, you can learn how to express yourself through painting. Your local art museum or your favorite online gallery likely has several works that can give you something to think about when it comes to creating abstract paintings in the future.
And if you now think: Art Galleries and museums are not for me! I feel you. I've been the same. While I studied arts we had to visit a museum from time to time. And I usually was - bored. Little did I know how much influence it would have on my work later on. I didn't even realised it. I'm still not someone running from one museum to the other but I definitely got someone who enjoys looking at other people's art - even if they are not famous - on Instagram. Yeah, totally guilty of that and it definitely inspires me!

Listen to Music that Connects with Your Heart and Mind

Music can be a powerful source of inspiration for abstract painting. To find that spark of inspiration, try to listen to music with open-ended melodies and harmonies; listen to the underlying feelings behind the music and let them flow through your imagination and into your artistic expression. Alternately, you can search online or YouTube for meditative music that can inspire you to create vibrant works of art. Personally, I like Relaxdaily when painting. You can find him on YouTube (he plays the piano) but also at the iTunes Store if you prefer to have "just" music.

Use Pinterest to Unearth Ideas from Abroad.

When it comes to abstract painting, there’s no shortage of inspiration from other painters, both locally and abroad. One great way to uncover new abstract art ideas is to search through various online resources like Pinterest. With each image, pay attention to the various elements such as color combinations, textures, and patterns that the artist has used and see if that inspires you in any way. You can even use these images as reference points for your own art, by tweaking certain components or adding some of your own touches.

Next Steps

You see there are many ways to find inspiration for abstract paintings. Even if you are usually not someone who enjoys abstract art give it a try. It's kinda different and the best thing is that you get great results even if you think you are not an artist.

In case you need some help and if you want to know my secret ingredient to create abstract art check out my class:

FREE Art Challenge

Finding creative Inspiration in Nature

Join for FREE! You'll learn how to observe and capture the beauty of nature in your art and develop your own unique style. Don't miss this opportunity to take your art to the next level.

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