Why you need Color Palettes for Procreate and other Digital Art Software

Introducing color palettes into your Procreate workflow can be a game-changer for artists and designers seeking efficiency, inspiration, and visual cohesion in their projects. These pre-made collections of colors are crafted with care and expertise, and there are several compelling reasons why anyone might consider purchasing them. In this guide, we'll explore the advantages of buying color palettes for Procreate and how they can enhance your creative process and final artwork. From time-saving benefits to expanding your color horizons, these palettes can be a valuable addition to your digital art toolkit.

Benefits for buying Procreate Color Palettes

Maybe you can relate to the following situation. You have a project in mind, you start to gather inspiration and colors but somehow... well, it's not coming together and you never get THE feeling where you know that our color palette is just right. And, if you finally have the feeling, you figure that it looks similar to the last one you've used... So sometimes, for gathering new inspiration, the best way is to simply purchase a few color palettes. And here are even more good reasons to do so!

*** Click on the images to have a look at the Color Palettes!***

One occasion but different colors you can perfectly mix and match! And even better: All my color palettes come with the exact HEX code so you can use them application wide. I've added a Procreate file and the HEX Code for use in Photoshop, Illustration, Affinity Designer and many other programs.

  1. Time-saving: Creating a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing color palette can be time-consuming. Buying pre-made palettes can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus more on your artwork.
  2. Inspiration: Color palettes created by professional designers or artists can inspire your work and help you explore new color combinations and styles that you might not have considered otherwise.
  3. Consistency: Using a consistent color palette across multiple projects can help create a cohesive look and brand identity for your art or design work.
  4. Learning: Analyzing pre-made palettes can help you learn about color theory, color harmonies, and how different colors work together effectively. It can be an educational resource.
  5. Experimentation: While it's essential to develop your own color palettes, using pre-made ones can be a useful tool for experimenting with different color schemes and expanding your artistic horizons.
  6. Efficiency: For professional designers and artists working on client projects with tight deadlines, pre-made palettes can provide a quick and efficient solution, ensuring the color choices are visually appealing.
  7. Cross-platform use: Some color palettes may be designed to work well across various design applications, not just Procreate. This versatility can be valuable if you use different software tools.
  8. Accessibility: Not everyone has an innate sense of color, and some individuals may struggle with color choices. Pre-made palettes can make the color selection process more accessible to a wider range of artists.
  9. Diversity: Purchasing color palettes can expose you to different color styles, cultural influences, and design trends that you might not encounter otherwise.
  10. Support creators: By purchasing color palettes, you support the creators who put time and effort into designing these palettes, allowing them to continue producing valuable resources for the art and design community.

*** Click on the images to have a look at the Color Palettes!***

Have a look at these three color palettes. They seem to be completely different - one for Christmas, one for nature and maybe one for girls? But actually they also all go well together. So if you plan different projects they are perfect for you for different occasions.

It's important to note that while pre-made color palettes can be beneficial, developing your color sense and creating your own palettes is an essential skill for any artist or designer. Using both pre-made and custom palettes as needed can provide a well-rounded approach to your creative work.

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