What’s the difference between an SVG File and Printables?

You might have noticed that here at Digidesignresort I'm are selling lovely printables and SVG Files for many occasions during the year.
Maybe you have asked yourself: 
What's the difference between both and why do I offer both files?
Well, the easiest reason is: I love them both 🙂 I totally enjoy creating SVG files with inspirational or seasonal quotes and create my own T-Shirts or other gifts from them. I mean: What is more personal than a gift nobody else has? So that's why I create these SVG files and let you also enjoy them.

And second: I also love printables. Printables are meant to be used with a blink of an eye. Actually you can grab, download, print and use them - it's as easy as that. No matter if you need an activity for the afternoon for your kids or if you have an upcoming kid's birthday party, teacher appreciation week or a barbecue - you name it, there are printables for every occasion on the planet! And if done right by the designer they are a life-saver for the moms out there who quickly wants to keep their kids busy.
The first time I got in touch with printables was when I did scrapbooking. For a long time I did digital scrapbooking but then realised more and more how awesome it is to have something in my hands. 

Not just printed 12x12 pages but little bits and pieces I could create albums from. That's where I got a Silhouette Cameo* and fall in love with printing and cutting printables and, yes, also SVG files!

So that's my short story about why I love printables and SVG files. Here is the explanation what these files are.

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SVG Files and Printables

SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) and printables are both digital files used for different purposes. While SVG are a popular file format for SVGs Printables are often sold as PDFs so people can easily print and cut them. So here are some facts about SVG files and Printables.

SVG Files

SVGs are vector graphics that use XML-based markup language to describe images. The best thing about them is that they are resolution-independent which means that you can scale them to any size without losing quality.
SVGs are primarily used for digital illustrations, logos, icons and other graphic design purposes. You can edit and manipulate them using a vector graphic software just like Adobe Illustrator but also Affinity Designer or Inkscape.

Crafters use SVGs for their cutting machines just like Cricut or Silhouette to create various DIY projects like vinyl decals, stickers, iron-on transfers, and stencils.

On the other had there are Printables...


Printables on the other hand are digital files which are printed on paper or other materials. Printables include a wide range of items such as greeting cards, invitations, posters, wall art, calendars, planners, worksheets, colouring pages or games for your kid's party - to name just a few.

Usually, when you purchase Printables you'll get a PDF file. Sometimes you also get a JPG or PNG file, which depends on the designers preferences and the intended use. The great thing about these file types: You do not need a special software to use or print them. Usually your computer already has Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free to download and use) already installed or you have a program just like "Preview" on a Mac which you can use for this purpose.
You can print your purchased printable directly on your home printer. You can use normal printer paper but also paper which is of a bit higher quality. This depends on what you want to do with your printables.
There are also professional printing services if you need your prints in a higher quality.

Printables are often used for home decor, party decorations, educational materials, organizational tools, and personal stationery.

In summary, while SVGs are digital files used primarily for graphic design and cutting purposes, printables are digital files designed for printing and can encompass a wide range of items for various purposes and occasions.

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