The special Digital Product: Magical Scene Creator

Sometimes you see "something" and you know that it's special. And I don't mean a "that's nice!" special but I mean the extraordinary stuff.

That's how I felt when I saw Lisa Glanz' Magical Scene Creator. It's huge. It's amazing. And you just know that it took the creator months to create it. Often, as a designer, when you buy resources it's obvious that you use material from someone else because you cannot really make it your own. That's different when we talk about Lisa's stuff. Because - she gives you a resource you can put together as you like and that makes it unique and definitely your own.

All the images in this post are from Lisa Glanz and used with friendly permission from her.

So what makes the "Magical Scene Creator" special?

Beside the fact that it comes with an amazing number of illustrations it also comes with PSD files. PSD files, to give you a short explanation, are files you can open in Photoshop but also in any other program which supports PSD files just as Affinity Designer.
The great thing about her PSD files is that you can turn layers on and off (just as in any PSD file 😉 ) but turning on and off creates new scenes, objects or figures.

See here, that's how it looks:

When you open the file you can turn layers on and off to create your own scenes, just like this underwater scene here. 
The same is valid for the file below. You have a few houses and tons of elements (like those next to the houses) and you can turn these elements on and off to create your own object, pretty cool, isn't it?

In this image you can see even better what the "Magical Scene Creator" can do for you. Add windows on the roof - or not - add a balcony or a lamp, it's totally up to you and what suits your project best. And because of this flexibility you can archive a unique element.

What made me so excited is what you can do with these illustrations. I love that you can modify the elements to whatever you need.
For example, if you build a camper you can add different wood, pattern and accessories. See in the image on the left the possibilities.
And below you see accessories you can add to your camper. I love that you can even modify the color and add 

a pattern - again, this helps to make it your own.
Here at Digidesignresort I often say that you have the option to use illustration sets from other graphic designers. The good thing is, that, as a beginner you don't need to wait bevor you can start creating your products. You get a set and start right away as long as you are able to put the graphics together and have some creative juice flowing!

On the other hand, of course, if you use someone else's material it doesn't have your style. 
Keep that in mind and stay with the designer you got the product from or a similar one. This way you do not confuse your customers because you always have something else to offer.

In the end any artist, designer or illustrator "stands for something" and if she releases something completely different it's just not what the customers of that designer are looking for. You have your handwriting, no matter if you create your own illustrations or if you create something from someone else's stuff. You definitely have a unique way to use these things.
And that's why I highly recommend Lisa's sets. They usually support the other designer without taking all decision from her and allow her to have a unique product.

Are you interested in the Magical Scene Creator? Get it here*.

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