The Benefits of Offering a Diverse Product Portfolio

In today's fast-paced digital age, creators have a myriad of platforms and tools at their disposal. One of the most effective ways for digital product designers to maximise their reach and increase their revenue streams is -beside advertising on social media- offering a diverse product portfolio. After all, as a customer even if I like someone's wall art I might not need it right now but then I need maybe the designer's affirmation cards. Let's delve into the benefits of such an approach and explore how different digital products can complement each other.

Why Diversity is Key

Of course I don't want to tell you to be the "Jack of all Trades". You should of course have your style and the products you want to offer. But as I said sometimes a new customer who got into your orbit just doesn't need a notebook right now you created but is desperately looking for a T-Shirt with a unique design. So in this case you can have both and here are some benefits.

  • Broadened Audience Reach: Offering a range of products attracts a wider audience. While one segment of your audience might be interested in social media templates, another might be on the lookout for unique digital assets for their design projects.

  • Reduced Dependency on One Product: Relying on one product can be risky. Market demands change, and diversifying your portfolio ensures that if one product sees a dip in sales, others can compensate. We have dramatically seen this while the Pandemic. Do you think that party supplies were selling well during those days? I bet not. But I guess printable games were because that is what we could do without leaving our home.

  • Showcasing Expertise: A diverse portfolio demonstrates your versatility and proficiency in various aspects of digital design, building trust and credibility with your audience.

  • Complementary Digital Products: A Deep Dive

    As I mentioned bevor it's a good idea to offer digital products which complement each other. I put some together so you can find your own synergies. Of course the examples are not all there exist, it's more something which should get you thinking!

  • Social Media Templates & Ebooks:

    • Synergy: Social media templates can be used by businesses to boost their online presence, while ebooks provide in-depth knowledge on specific topics. Together, they cater to both the practical and educational needs of your audience.
    • Cross-promotion Opportunity: Offer a free social media template as a bonus for every ebook purchase. This not only enhances the value proposition but also encourages sales.
  • Hand-drawn Digital Assets & Graphic Sets for Designers:

    • Synergy: While hand-drawn digital assets give a personalized touch to designs, graphic sets offer ready-to-use elements that can fast-track projects. Offering both can make you a one-stop-shop for other designers.
    • Cross-promotion Opportunity: Bundle these products together at a discounted price. Designers looking for graphic sets might be enticed to try out hand-drawn assets and vice versa.
  • Maximising the Impact of Your Portfolio

    Here are a few tips to ensure that you are recognised. Beside consistent branding it is also key that you get in touch with your audience. They can give you valuable feedback!

  • Consistent Branding: Ensure that all your products have consistent branding. This not only makes your portfolio look cohesive but also reinforces brand recall.

  • Engage & Gather Feedback: Regularly engage with your audience to understand their needs. This feedback can guide future product development.

  • Stay Updated: The digital design landscape is ever-evolving. Stay updated with the latest trends to ensure that your portfolio remains relevant and in demand.

  • A diverse product portfolio is more than just offering a variety of products; it's about understanding the needs of your audience and providing solutions that cater to those needs. By strategically choosing products that complement each other, you can maximize your revenue potential and establish yourself as a trusted figure in the digital design space.

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