New Year, New Skills: Top Digital Art Techniques to Learn in January

With the New Year comes the perfect opportunity to enhance your digital art skills. January is an ideal time to embrace new techniques, especially in the realm of digital art created with Procreate.

Therefore here are six "Procreate-Adventure-Prompts" (yes, I just made that word up) for you to explore the app further.

This versatile app has revolutionized the way artists create, offering tools that mimic real-life art experiences. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a budding creative, the Safari Lounge Designer Classes offer a treasure trove of resources to help you master Procreate (and other graphic and design programs) and elevate your artistry.

1. Brush Up on Brush Techniques: Procreate’s vast library of brushes can be overwhelming. This month, focus on mastering a brush set of your choice. Experiment with watercolor brushes for a fluid, organic feel, or try inking brushes for sharp, clean lines. Each brush has unique properties that can dramatically change your artwork's style and mood. Here are my favorite watercolor brushes*!

2. Layer Like a Pro: Layers are a powerful feature in Procreate. They allow you to build your artwork piece by piece without committing to irreversible changes. Learn how to use layers effectively – from blending modes to opacity adjustments, the possibilities are endless. January is the month for playing with layers and trying out new things aka blending modes. 

3. Master the Art of Digital Sketching: Sketching is the foundation of all great art. Procreate offers an intuitive and flexible sketching experience. This January, focus on refining your sketching skills. Try different sketching styles and brushes, and learn how to use Procreate’s guidelines and symmetry tools to improve your drawings.

4. Color Theory and Application: Understanding color theory is crucial for any artist. Procreate’s color wheel and palettes are tools that can help you apply color theory principles effectively. Learn about color harmony, contrasts, and how to choose palettes that elevate your artwork.

5. Textures and Effects for Realism: One of Procreate’s strengths is its ability to create realistic textures and effects. From creating the illusion of water droplets to mimicking the texture of fabrics, there’s so much to explore. So try to draw in Procreate using some textures.

6. Animation Basics: Procreate isn’t just for static art; it also offers animation capabilities. Start with simple animations, like making a character blink or a candle flicker. Animation can bring a whole new dimension to your digital creations. I know that there is "Procreate Dreams" now. But still, I guess you get along with some basic animation and have fun with it!

This January, take your digital art to new heights by learning these essential Procreate techniques. The Safari Lounge Designer Classes are your companion in this journey, offering comprehensive lessons, tips, and community support. Embrace these new skills and watch your digital art transform.

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