New Course released: Create Abstract Wall Art in Procreate

I just released my new class "Create Abstract Wall Art in Procreate". If this would be a 100% correct title I'd need to add "and Photoshop" but I didn't want to turn anyone off because this class is super simple to accomplish even if you are a total beginner and never started Procreate or Photoshop.

***Turn on the sound of the video to listen to all the features this class has to offer!***

And that was exactly the claim I raised for my class. I wanted to create something anyone could accomplish - even with zero experience in Procreate and Photoshop.
Because: Let's face it - if anyone tells you to "easily learn Photoshop" you might quickly leave the website. I know I did before I took on the challenge learning Photoshop.
But in this case that's really how it is - you get a class which has just nine lessons and at the end you know:

Learn Procreate for Beginners

FREE CLASS with everything you need to know
about Procreate for digital painting.

  • to get inspired (including my secret ingredient!)
  • ... how to pick colors and set up your document in Procreate
  • ... how to draw abstract shapes in Procreate
  • ... how to get them on your computer as a PSD file for Photoshop
  •  ... how to create a document in Photoshop and put your wall art together
  • ... how to export your wall art in different sizes
  • ... and even how to use mock-ups in Photoshop with and without Smart Objects (so you can create them in Affinity Designer as well!) to make preview images to sell your items

Is this class just for people who want to sell Abstract Wall Paper?

Definitely not! I promised you a total beginner class and that's what it is. If you never opened Procreate and/or Photoshop you can easily follow along and "just" create Wall Paper for fun, your home or as a gift.
However, if you want to learn how to sell your items and create preview images you need for your store and/or Etsy Shop to sell your items - you just watch the lesson about creating images with mock-ups. 
You see this class is set up easily and straight forward. You get out of it what you want and need.

Is this class also for people who want to sell their art?

That's for sure! I want you to get with a minimum of effort maximum results. In this case it means that you can learn in a bit more than an hour all the necessary skills you need to create wall art for sale.
However, it doesn't mean that you don't need to learn anything else. Of course it's always a good idea to refine your skills and learn more.
In this case it means that you might want to learn more about Procreate, later maybe even Photoshop (or Affinity Designer) but definitely how to set up your Etsy store and start selling.

This class and many more are part of the Safari Lounge Designer Classes! Join me just for fun and learn how to create abstract Wall Art. You can also watch other classes which compliment this one. It's all there together with lots and lots of resources!

Learn Procreate for Beginners

FREE CLASS with everything you need to know
about Procreate for digital painting.

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