Learn how to paint with Watercolor for Beginners

I remember from my childhood that I had a paint box for kids in school and I loved painting with Watercolor! That hasn't changed since then. I just moved one step further and now I have my watercolor paint box and some watercolor paper. Honestly, I draw everything that comes under my brush - often also on the iPad. 

That was the reason why I decided to create a watercolor course for you. If you are anything like me you have most probably struggled with the brush strokes and mixing colors like I did. That's why I thought it's a great idea to put all these basics together and create an online course "Painting with Watercolor for Beginners" for you. 

I know as a child things were easier: You grabbed your paint box, some water a whichever-you-had-brush and started drawing on your paper - which by no means had 300g as it should have now when you paint with your Schminke or Windsor & Newton Paint Box. And I guess the result was great as well without knowing about different watercolour techniques or brush strokes. But today you see all these fancy YouTube Tutorials where artists show you how they paint and they do a fantastic job.
Of course we wanna do the same but then - we need to go back to the drawing board and learn the basics!
"Painting with Watercolors for Beginners" is included in the Safari Lounge Designer Classes.
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In the class you do not only learn how to use your brush, how to mix your watercolors and how to draw your first projects but also how to create a color wheel and how to do a color swatch.

A Color Swatch

It's important to know which colors you have in your color box. The problem is that the colors in your paint box look much different from what you  have on your paper.
That's why a color swatch is so important. I have mine in my paint box. 
I've created a PDF for you so you can have a color swatch as well.

You can download it for free when you sign up for the Treasure Cave and the best is: That's not all!

Color Wheel

Knowing about color wheels is as important as knowing about your color swatch. It's great to find out which color is which in your paint box but you also need to know how to mix your colors. I show you that in detail in the class "Painting with Watercolor for Beginners". In case you already know how to do that - here is a color wheel where you can mix three of your colors.

But there are also ways to create alternative color wheels. Again, pick three colors and go from there. It's always great to know that they exist before your start drawing a larger painting.

You'll learn about all this and much more in the class. But for now you can also just sign up for the newsletter and download both PDFs to practice with your colors.

In case you wanna go all in and start your watercolor journey this class is also included in the Safari Lounge:

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