Halloween 2023: Scary Fonts

From our night walk

No matter how you celebrate Halloween, with a big or small party, you'll definitely need some decoration. Actually "something" from a Halloween menu card to place cards and some paper streamers. That's why I want to introduce "Hocus Pocus" together with some scary fonts to you! Let's have a look.

For a few years my husband and I figured that we could have our own Halloween tradition and "kinda party". So now we usllay have a Halloween Dinner, some scary decoration, a menu card, a place card and a great movie. We also go for a night walk through our wood here - just because. And really, that is scary 😀
And after our horror Halloween burgers and the night walk we watch a - for us - Halloween movie just like "Hotel Transilvania". 
Sure, it's not a typical Halloween Party but it's always great fun and a nice evening!

My very own paper streamers!

That's the desert and a bloody cocktail!

From what I described now you can see that there is some preparation to do.
Usually that's my part. While hubby makes the horror burgers and bloody desert I'll take care of the decoration.
I guess there might be some others of you who also need some Halloween graphics and because of this I put together an enormous Halloween Collection. With this one you can create your very own place and invitation cards, banners, paper streams and more!
Sure you can use what you create for your own Halloween Party but you can also sell all the goodies you create as printable. There actually is a huge market for this if you have a look on Etsy!

Here is a selection of all the paper textures from the bundle as well as the invitation cards I've created from it. But wait, there is more - that's just a small selection!

If you blend the papers together (or just leave them as they are) you can print and cut them to have some paper streamers. Or, if you print them in A4 you have a place mat. Easy peasy!

Additionally, there are 95 elements and 2 Word Arts included. You can see a few of these elements here on the ads I've created for social media (as well as our Halloween Party):

What actually is not included are scary fonts. I believe they are necessary to complete the collection but since I don't create them on my own I couldn't add them to the bundle. However, I put together a selection I believe is perfect for printable and party games!

Again, these are just a few - there are many more Halloween Fonts out there but I think they really help you to make your designs stand out.

So that was just inspiration from a personal point of view. You see even for your own little party you can use these graphics. But since we create digital products here at Digidesignresort of course there is more. Let me give you some inspiration from Etsy what you can do with these graphic sets.

And if you check out these shops you see they are selling well! Sure, if you look for sales around Halloween there will be a massive increase. So that's one thing you should keep in mind. When you create a product you need to evaluate when you can sell it best. If it's season related you need to make your sales around "that time". Products you create for Christmas most probably sell best from November to December. 
However, there are also "evergreen products you can sell all year".

But, as you can see you don't have to create your own graphic bundles to create digital products. You can use the one mentioned above, combine it with a Halloween Font (make sure both come with commercial use rights!) and then start selling your own packages of printable.

In the Safari Lounge Designer Classes we take care of that. We create graphic sets on the one hand and you learn what sells and what not and, on the other hand, we create our own digital products from them - from wallpaper to art prints to printable.

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