Learn how To Use Procreate

in no Time!

Get started with digital painting! In this class we get our fingers "dirty" (more or less) and you learn everything you need to know about Procreate to start creating home accessories, gifts, stickers, greeting cards and much more! It's even a great foundation to start your own business.
And, it's so much fun to sit together and start drawing. Join me!

In this class we draw a wall art with a lemon together for your kitchen using an image as a reference with in-built brushes. It's an entertaining class to get started with a nice project while learning the foundation of one of the best drawing apps out there.

Let's explore Procreate: A Complete Guide for Digital Artists


  • ... how the gallery works
  • ... how to set up your document correctly
  • ... which color profile you should use
  • ... how to import brushes, color palettes and textures
  • ... how to use brushes, erasers and blenders
  • ... how to create your own color palette
  • ...where you can find the time lapse videos
  • ...how to draw and shade objects drawn from a reference image
  • ...and finally how to export your work

... of course this is just a short overview! This Procreate Class consists of 12 Lessons, the color palette as well as the original source file so there is a lot more to discover! 

Meet your Instructor

Artist | Graphic Designer | Teacher

"I have been a creative person my whole life. As a child I already loved drawing and later, at University here in Germany. Photography was my main subject. I studied arts to become a teacher and here I am. Beside teaching I love creating digital products and online classes - actually already since 2008/09. So the best idea was to combine both passions (teaching and designing!) and be an online teacher helping you to do the same - for fun or business!"

Is this Procreate Class for you?

  • It is if... you love to draw but hardly find time to pull out all your material to start, it's much easier to pull out your iPad, open Procreate and start drawing - even if you just have half an hour!
  • It is if...you are creative but you have never used your iPad to draw but you want to give it a try!
  • It is if...you believe that you cannot draw - let me proof you wrong.
  • It is if... you need a creative outlet without a steep learning curve!

What can you make in Procreate?

Procreate is really versatile. You can use this App you get for a small one time fee in the App Store to create all kind of artwork for digital or physical products. You can draw (and sell) your own stickers, create patterns, hand lettering, illustrations and greeting cards. You are really not limited to what I have mentioned, these are just a few uses of Procreate.

Here is an overview of the Procreate Tutorials

  • What is Procreate for?
  • Save and organize your artwork in Procreate
  • What document size and color space should you use?
  • How to use brushes, blenders and erasers
  • How to add new brush sets to Procreate
  • Why it's a good idea to work with a clean canvas
  • How to use reference images without copying
  • How to sketch while using layers
  • How to add color
  • How to choose different background colors

All Lessons have Subtitles in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese

Once you've watched all the lessons you automatically get a Certificate of Graduation with your name on it!

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