Are you a creative person but don't really know how to get started?

That's how I felt as well. And that's why I created these two classes for you - for free. The Art Challenge Class will help you to get inspired and get drawing prompts for your creative adventures. And the Procreate Class will teach you how to turn your inspiration into artwork!
It's all free so join me!

free online art classes

Art Challenge

Finding Inspiration in Nature

If you hate sitting in front of a blank canvas and not knowing what to draw this is your class! I show you in seven challenges, a workbook with tons of drawing prompts for each month of the year, images from nature and colour palettes how to get inspired - again and again!

Procreate for iPad

Beginner Class

As soon as you feel your creative juice flowing you need an outlet! What could be better than your iPad and the Procreate drawing app?
In this second free online art class I show you how to sketch, draw and shade in Procreate. And while taking the class you learn all the basic functions.

It's free so join me now!

Once you are done with these two classes consider to join the Safari Lounge Designer Classes. You will not only learn more about how to draw but also how to turn your artwork into digital and physical products for yourself, as gifts or to build your business!

Safari Lounge Designer Classes

Learn everything you need to know to become a successful Artist and Designer. Let's draw and plan your business together, it's all there, personal coaching included!