Designing Festive Christmas Tags in Photoshop: A Complete Guide

The holiday season brings a unique opportunity for designers to showcase their creativity.

In this comprehensive guide, I walk you through the process of designing festive Christmas tags using Photoshop, featuring the delightful "Christmas Time" graphic set by Polikarpovaart. This tutorial is perfect for both aspiring designers and seasoned pros looking to add a special touch to their holiday creations.

1. Choosing the right Graphics:

First of all you need a Christmas-themed graphic set. You do not need the one I use but have a look at the tutorial - I give you a detailed look into the kit so you might want to choose this one.

  • Selecting 'Christmas Time' by Polikarpovaart: Start with a high-quality, festive graphic set. "Christmas Time" offers a range of elements perfect for creating a holiday mood.
  • Understanding Graphic Elements: Familiarize yourself with the components of the set, including Santa, presents, and birds, to plan your design effectively.
  • 2. Setting Up Your Photoshop Document:

    • Creating a New Document
      Begin by setting up a new Photoshop document. For a gift tag, consider a round shape with dimensions that will fit well on a printable A4 sheet. I have created a tag which has a size of about 7 cm.
      In the tutorial I do not show you how to create the shapes. They are included material in the Safari Lounge Designer Classes. If you join you can watch the tutorial without any ads, download the material and ask questions. Of course, there are many more classes you can choose from. 
    • Resolution and Color Mode
      Ensure your document is set to high resolution (300 DPI) and in RGB color mode for print quality. I use RGB color mode because it has more hues but in case you wanna have your tags printed by an online printer you should choose CMYK. 2000x2000 px should be fine as the document size. We design in a large size first and later scale it down to the needed 7 cm for our tag.

    Here a short overview what we will do in this tutorial:

    3. Designing the Gift Tag:

  • Layer Filling Techniques
    Learn to fill layers in Photoshop. This is crucial for adding different elements and colors to your tag.
  • Using Smart Objects
    Smart objects are vital for non-destructive editing. They allow you to resize and adjust elements without losing quality.
  • Arranging Design Elements
    Place and arrange the elements from the graphic set. Create a harmonious composition by balancing the different components.
  • 4. Adding Depth to Your Design

    • Creating a Winter Scene
      Give life to your tag by designing a little winter scene. Use layer styles and effects to add depth.
    • Shadows and Highlights
      Proper use of shadows and highlights can make your design elements pop and give a more three-dimensional feel. In this project I do not use any shadows.

    5. Preparing for Print

  • Duplicating and Arranging Tags
    Once your single tag design is complete, duplicate it and arrange the copies on an A4 sheet. This setup is ideal for selling your sheet as a printable.
  • Final Adjustments
    Make any final adjustments to ensure your design is print-ready. Check alignments and color contrasts.
  • 6. From Design to Sale

  • Selling Your Printable
    Tips on how to market and sell your Christmas tag printables, including platform suggestions and pricing strategies.
  • Packaging Your Digital Product: Ensure your digital product is well-presented and easy for customers to download and print. To archive this we will use mockups for our previews and make our gift tag stand out.
  • Designing Christmas tags in Photoshop can be both fun and rewarding. Whether you're creating for personal use or to sell online, these festive tags can add a special touch to any holiday gift. With the "Christmas Time" graphic set and Photoshop, your creative possibilities are endless. Don't forget: You can download Photoshop for a 30days free trial from the Adobe website.

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