Celebrating Festivities: Christmas Color Palettes in Procreate

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and creativity. From Christmas to Hanukkah, Diwali to New Year's, each holiday brings its own unique colors and traditions. In this blog post, we'll explore a collection of color palettes designed for Procreate and other programs (because I always add the HEX Codes!), allowing you to infuse your holiday designs with the perfect hues. Whether you're creating digital greeting cards, festive illustrations, or personalized gifts, these color palettes will help you capture the spirit of the season and spread holiday cheer.
Because - let's face it: If you choose the wrong color palettes for your potential customers you won't have any customers at all!

1. Merry and Bright: Vibrant Color Combinations for Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy and merriment, and the color palettes inspired by this holiday reflect that festive spirit. Explore vibrant combinations of reds, greens, and golds to create Procreate designs that capture the essence of Christmas cheer. From traditional shades to contemporary twists, these palettes will add a touch of merriment and brightness to your holiday artwork.

2. Festival of Lights: Warm and Glowing Palettes for Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a celebration of victory over darkness. Embrace the warmth and radiance of this festival with color palettes that reflect its vibrant traditions. Explore combinations of deep oranges, rich yellows, and shimmering golds to infuse your Procreate designs with the illuminating glow of Diwali.

3. Winter Wonders: Cool and Serene Hues for New Year's

As the year comes to a close, New Year's brings a sense of anticipation and new beginnings. Create Procreate designs that evoke the crisp and serene atmosphere of the winter season. Explore cool blues, icy whites, and hints of silver to capture the essence of the New Year's spirit and create artwork that resonates with a sense of fresh possibilities.

4. Hanukkah Delights: Blue and Silver Color Palettes

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights in Jewish tradition, is a time of reflection, miracles, and unity. Capture the beauty and significance of Hanukkah with color palettes inspired by the traditional colors of blue and silver. Experiment with different shades of blue, ranging from deep sapphires to soft aquas, and complement them with metallic silver accents to create Procreate designs that pay homage to this special holiday.

5. Festive Elegance: Gold, Green, and Red for Holiday Glamour

The holiday season brings a touch of glamour and elegance, and color palettes that feature gold, green, and red are perfect for capturing this festive spirit. Explore rich and opulent shades of gold, deep emerald greens, and bold crimson reds to infuse your Procreate designs with a sense of lavishness and holiday glamour.

6. Cozy Traditions: Warm and Rustic Palettes

The holiday season is often associated with warmth, comfort, and cherished traditions. Embrace the cozy ambiance of the season with color palettes inspired by warm and rustic tones. Explore earthy browns, deep reds, and hints of orange to create Procreate designs that celebrate the nostalgia and comfort of holiday traditions.

7. Sparkling Nights: Silver, White, and Midnight Tones

The holiday season is also a time of enchantment and magical moments. Capture the allure of sparkling winter nights with color palettes that feature silver, white, and midnight tones. Explore shimmering silvers, soft whites, and deep indigos to infuse your Procreate designs with a touch of elegance and whimsy.

8. Joyful Pastels: Soft and Delicate Holiday Palettes

Not all holiday designs need to be bold and vibrant. Soft pastel color palettes can add a touch of delicacy and charm to your Procreate artwork. Explore gentle pinks, baby blues, and mint greens to create designs that evoke a sense of joy and sweetness, perfect for capturing the gentler side of the holiday season.


The holiday season is a time for celebration, joy, and creativity. With these color palettes for Procreate, you can infuse your holiday designs with the perfect hues that reflect the spirit of each festive occasion. Whether you're creating digital greetings, festive illustrations, or personalized gifts, these color palettes will enhance your artwork and spread holiday cheer.

Unlock the Holiday Spirit with Procreate Color Palettes

Spread Joy with Your Creativity

Procreate provides a powerful platform for artists to express their creativity during the holiday season. With these carefully curated holiday color palettes, you can capture the essence of each festive occasion and create artwork that resonates with joy and celebration. Embrace the spirit of the holidays, and let your imagination soar with Procreate and these stunning color palettes.

Remember to include relevant visuals throughout the blog post to showcase the color palettes and their application in Procreate. Additionally, provide clear instructions on how readers can download and utilize the color palettes in their own projects. Happy creating and may your holiday designs be filled with warmth, joy, and festive spirit!

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