Print on Demand for Artists 

 Turn your Designs into real Products 

 ... and sell them without the Hassle! 

***Turn on the sound of the video to listen to all the features this class has to offer!***

Have you ever wanted to design and sell „real products“ but without the hassle of storing, packaging and shipping them?

Then this class is for you! I’ll show you how to get the best of both worlds. You can sell physical products from the comfort of your home without storing them and without creating, packaging, shipping and refunding the products if necessary.

You take care of what you enjoy most - designing unique products your customers will love!

You'll learn

  • … what Print on Demand (POD) is and why it’s a great Business Model for Artists
  • … that you do not even need to draw yourself to have a great POD business
  • … how to set up your POD Shop and connect it to your own online store
  • … how to set up your products correctly and make them sync between your stores
  • … how to create Mock-ups to have unique product images in your store
  • … how to set up your advertising in a way that it lasts forever!

Once you’ve learned how to set up your POD business you can take care of designing new products and adding them to your store.

Your fulfillment provider aka the POD site (in this case Printify) does the rest. You upload your products, sync them to  your store and your partner takes care of fulfilling your orders. Therefore your „real product business“ feels more like a digital product business because you don’t need to worry about anything but designing and adding the items to your store.

That’s not all what you learn in this class. You’ll also learn how you can stand out from the crowd and create your own preview images. Once done we’ll use these images to create Pins for Pinterests and Posts for Instagram - again in a unique way so you’ll also stand out on these platforms and provide your customers a great experience by providing a consistent, branded profile.

This class if for you if

  • … you love designing
  • … if you want a business hands of where you create what you really love (being creative!)
  • … if you want to sell „real products“ but without the hassle of fulfilling the orders (aka producing, packaging, shipping and handling refunds)
  • … if you wanna do your advertising in a way that lasts forever and it doesn’t matter if you are on  a break for a few weeks

Here are the materials you need for this class but you always have the option to use something else. For example: You decide if you draw digitally on your iPad or if you use pen and pager. You can also decide if you purchase your digital graphics and maybe create mock-ups yourself. 

What you need for this class:

  • … your computer
  • … an Internet connection
  • … maybe an iPad with an Apple Pencil or material (paper, colors of your choice) to draw
  • or commercial use graphics you can use to create your products
  • … PSD Mock-ups to create product images
  • … Mock-ups to create Pinterest Pins and/or Instagram Images

What you'll get

  • … 10 Lessons in HD (1 hour and 24 minutes)
  • … 1 PDF with links to all resources
  • ... once finished you automatically get a Certificate of Graduation!
  • ...Subtitles in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese 


At the end of this class you’ll know why a Print on Demand Business is a great Business Model for Artists. You’ll also know how to set up your products and sync them to your online store. Beside that I also show you how to create additional preview images to make your products stand out from the crowd and how to use them in your own store as well as for advertising.

You’ll also learn how to set up your advertising in a way that it lasts forever and makes you sales over and over again!

After all this class will help you to start a new design career because you’ll learn step by step how to set up your business without stumbling over all the obstacles in your way.

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