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Tranquil Tones: Calming Down Procreate Color Palette


What’s Included:

  • A Procreate color swatch file featuring a harmonious blend of pastel-inspired shades.
  • A HEX Code color sheet for easy use in multiple design platforms.
  • Instant digital download for immediate artistic use.

Sustainable Artistic Exploration: As a digital product, “Calming Down” supports eco-friendly art practices, offering a sustainable approach to creativity.

Let the “Calming Down” palette inspire your art and designs with its earthy charm and natural elegance, perfect for a wide range of creative projects.

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Indulge your creative senses with our “Calming Down” Procreate Color Palette. Inspired by serene misty mornings and the gentle embrace of dawn, this palette features 30 meticulously curated colors in soft shades of blue and rose. Imagine the quiet stillness of dawn, where subtle hues mingle with delicate pastels, evoking a sense of peace and tranquility.

Creative Possibilities for a Range of Artists:

  • Designers: Elevate websites and graphics with a touch of natural, organic allure, imparting a serene vibe to your digital creations.
  • Illustrators: Craft illustrations that radiate warmth and earthly tranquility, captivating viewers with their soothing tones and inviting atmosphere.
  • Crafters: Dive into a realm of creativity by utilizing these colors to design digital papers, fabrics, or one-of-a-kind crafts, infusing each creation with a sense of softness and harmony.
  • Artists: Embark on artistic journeys exploring themes of nature, rustic scenery, or abstract art, guided by a palette that exudes warmth and comfort, inviting viewers into a world of serene beauty and contemplation.

Palette Highlights:

  • Muted Blue Hues: Navigate through a spectrum of serene blues, from gentle whispers to deeper shades reminiscent of misty mornings, offering tranquility and depth to your artwork.
  • Soft Rose Tones: Embrace the subtle elegance of soft rose hues, delicately balancing the palette with their warm and soothing presence, infusing each creation with a sense of calmness and comfort.
  • Earthy Mauve Accents: Ground your compositions with earthy mauve accents, reminiscent of dusty wood and rustic charm, adding depth and warmth to your artistic endeavors.
  • Pristine White: A clean, crisp tone to complete the palette, providing a refreshing contrast and serving as a versatile backdrop to enhance the overall harmony of your artwork.

Multi-Program Compatibility: This palette isn’t just for Procreate enthusiasts. It includes a HEX Code sheet for use in Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and other design programs, making it a versatile tool for various digital art and design projects.

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