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  • Spring Dew – Versatile Seasonal Color Palette

Spring Dew – Versatile Seasonal Color Palette


What’s Included:

  • Procreate color swatch file with a unique blend of spring and autumn shades.
  • HEX Code color sheet for use in a variety of design programs.
  • Instant digital download for immediate creative exploration.

Eco-Friendly Creative Journey: As a digital product, “Spring Dew” aligns with our commitment to sustainability, offering an eco-conscious way to enhance your creative endeavors.

Let “Spring Dew” inspire your creations with its unique blend of seasonal beauty, perfect for any project that seeks to capture the heart of spring with a whisper of autumn.

Capture the essence of spring with a hint of autumn’s charm in “Spring Dew,” a color palette blending the freshness of spring with golden October hues.

A Palette That Celebrates Seasons: “Spring Dew” offers a unique combination of springtime colors, enriched with the golden yellow of lingering autumn leaves. It features vibrant rose, soothing cream, fresh green, and soft brown tones, perfectly encapsulating the transition from autumn’s end to spring’s beginning.

Diverse Applications for Various Creatives:

  • Designers: Add a seasonal touch to web and graphic designs with this unique blend of colors.
  • Illustrators: Create vivid illustrations that capture the essence of spring with an autumnal twist.
  • Crafters: Utilize these hues for scrapbooking, digital paper designs, or even fabric patterns.
  • Artists: Explore digital painting themes that resonate with the rejuvenating feel of spring and the nostalgia of autumn.

Palette Shades:

  • October Gold: A reminiscence of autumn, captured in golden yellow.
  • Spring Rose: A vibrant, fresh hue reflecting blooming flowers.
  • Creamy Dew: A soft, gentle cream embodying the morning dew.
  • Fresh Green: The lively green of new leaves and spring growth.
  • Soft Brown: Earthy and grounding, reminiscent of tree bark and soil.

For Procreate and More: Not just for Procreate, “Spring Dew” includes a HEX Code sheet, making it compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and other design programs. This makes it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to bring a touch of spring with an autumnal nuance to their art and design projects.

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