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Shore – Procreate & Multi-Program Color Palette


What You’ll Get:

  • A Procreate color swatch file featuring beach-inspired shades.
  • A HEX Code color sheet for compatibility with various design programs.
  • Instant digital download to start creating right away.
  • Simple instructions for easy use in multiple software environments.

Eco-Conscious Creative Exploration: As a digital product, “Shore” supports sustainable artistic practices, offering an environmentally friendly way to explore and create.

Experience the calm and creativity of the coast with “Shore” – your go-to palette for serene and inspired designs.

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Embrace the soothing allure of coastal landscapes with “Shore,” a color palette that captures the essence of the beach in every hue.

A Palette Inspired by Seaside Serenity: “Shore” is an exquisite blend of beach-inspired colors, including creamy tones, various browns and beiges that echo the sand, soft and deep blues of the ocean, and a charming peachy cream reminiscent of a seaside dawn. Each color is carefully chosen to evoke the tranquility and diverse beauty of the coast.

Versatile Use for Various Creators:

  • Designers: Bring a touch of coastal elegance to web and graphic designs.
  • Illustrators: Create vivid seaside scenes or subtle beach-themed artwork.
  • Crafters: Use these hues for scrapbooking, digital paper designs, or fabric patterns.
  • Artists: Paint digital landscapes that capture the serene vibe of the shore.

Palette Shades Inspired by Coastal Wonders:

  • Sandy Creams & Beiges: Warm, inviting tones of beach sands.
  • Coastal Browns & Light Browns: Earthy shades reflecting rugged cliffs.
  • Ocean Blues & Deep Blues: Capture the gentle lull of waves and the mystery of the deep sea.
  • Peachy Cream: A soft, warm hue evoking a tranquil seaside morning.

For Procreate and Beyond: This palette is perfect for Procreate enthusiasts and extends its utility with a sheet of HEX Codes for use in Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and more. It’s a versatile tool for anyone looking to bring a coastal vibe to their digital art and design projects.

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