Passive Income Streams   

 for Artists 

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Have you ever thought about creating Passive Income Streams?

Usually, when you hear about ´Passive Income` stocks or real estate come to your mind and you might think: "No, thank you, that's not for me!" But what if I tell you that, as an Artist, Graphic Designer or Illustrator, you have the perfect premises to generate passive income?
Yes, stock and real estate are for those who don't need to worry if they lose the money they invested. Therefore, it's hard to get started because, let's face it: Who has money to waist?
That's where Passive Income comes into play you can generate as an Artist, Graphic Designer or Illustrator!
You can create your own digital products, sell them and make -nearly- passive income from these sources and, you never know, invest the money you make into stock to generate more sources of passive income?
Or, maybe, you just wanna earn your money more passively, without trading hours for Dollars. Well, then this course is for you as well!

You'll learn

  • ... about the best passive income streams for artists, designers and creatives 
  • ... about the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • ... which passive income stream is for you and which one isn't
  • ... how to mix the different passive income streams to have a panic proof business

What you'll need for this class:

  • ... "Something" to take notes - pen and paper is as good as iPad and Pencil! 
  • ... an "open mind" and you need to be willing to "think outside the box" to find your perfect passive income mix 

In this class I'll introduce several passive income streams to you. We'll talk about Affiliate Marketing as well as graphic sets and writing eBooks. 
We'll first go on an interesting adventure together. If you so far thought that passive income is just for those who "already have money" let me show you that you are wrong. Because I make money online already since 2008. I do not tell you that it's an easy route and that you can do it quickly but I tell you that it's possible and I show you how in this class.

This class is about learning more about passive income and discovering the possibilities which comes with this chance. Once you realize the potential that lies in this way of earning money you need to find a way to get that integrated into your business.
Selling your art online is more than having a website and licensing your art with other companies. Actually it's much more and that is what we'll discover in this class. 
I also show you how I make money online. I'm still not "rich" but I make a living online and I can say that I love my work each and every day.

What you'll get

  • 11 Lessons in HD 
  • 30 Minutes of one-to-one coaching to discuss with me your business model and the chosen Passive Income Streams
  • Subtitles in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese 

Features Of "Passive Income Streams for Artists" 

In the end you'll know the different passive income streams I have used and still use to make money from. We discuss the ins and outs and figure which passive income streams are the best for you.

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