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 Mastering Lettering Design in Photoshop

***Turn on the sound of the video to listen to all the features this class has to offer!***

Do you want to create your own Lettering Design?

Lettering can be used for so many different things that it is a really valuable skill to learn. If you look around your home you will find lettering design everywhere. The pillows in your living room? They might have a lovely quote! The picture in your child's bedroom? Maybe it comes with as a lovely affirmation poster. Or your mug? It most probably has a nice quote! And don't forget your sweater, your T-Shirt or maybe even your hat!
I bet you'll also find many products in your home with lovely quotes - they speak out of our soul, they motivate, they help us conquer every day life or they are simply nice too look at! And beside all that they make a wonderful gift for a loved one...
So you see there are many great reasons to dive into Lettering Design. You cannot only create your own gifts but also sell your created quotes to others so they can make beautiful products from them.
And that is exactly what we will master in this class!

You'll learn

  • ... why lettering design is so profitable and how to verify that it is
  • ... how to create a document in the correct size, resolution and color profile
  • ... what you need to open a lettering design business
  • ... how lettering design works in Photoshop
  • ... how to save your quote in different formats
  • ... how to create mockups for your designs
  • ... how to list your product e.g. on Etsy

What you'll need for this class:

  • Fonts with a Commercial Use License (you'll learn how you can get it really inexpensive!)
  • Photoshop (30 days free trial available)
  • Affinity Designer (30 days free trial available)
  • Mockups with a Commercial Use License (you'll learn how you can get it really inexpensive!) 

You could even use only Affinity Designer but I use both programs in this class.

What you'll get

  • 8 Lessons in FullHD (55 minutes in total)
  • List and Links to all Materials used
  • Exercises
  • Once finished you automatically get a Certificate of Graduation!
  • Subtitles in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese 

Features & Benefits

If you have looked around your home you most probably quickly noticed that lettering design is everywhere around you. So this is definitely a valuable skill to learn even if you only want to create your own T-Shirts. This class will allow you to get in touch with different design programs such as Photoshop and Affinity Designer and, in the end, you'll have your own design done even if you have no experience with Photoshop or Affinity Designer. With this knowledge you can build your own profitable business in no time and create new designs in a matter of hours once you have mastered the basic settings.

Pay once for this class and access it forever (updates included!), it's yours!

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