From Procreate to Pattern  

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Do you want to create your own seamless Patterns in Procreate?

I have to admit: Creating patterns, even better: seamless patterns, is great fun! It's satisfying to grab your iPad and just start arranging clipart until it finally looks as you want. And then you go ahead and use these patterns for a myriad of things!
Sure you can just create patterns just for the fun of it. But you can also create them to sell them as a digital product. Or, if you love sewing and therefore fabric, you might want to apply the pattern to fabric and have e.g. Spoonflower print it for you. Then yes, you can sew with your very own fabric and offer it to others to have it printed as well. Also, you can apply your pattern to basically the 100s of products PDD sites have to offer and have them printed a beautiful mug or pillow for you. Sure, you can sell your designs there but you can also use it for your home or give what you've created as a gift for your loved ones.

And before you now might think: I can't do that, I cannot handle a program like Procreate that well to create seamless patterns! Let me proof you that you are wrong.... Because in this class

You'll learn

  • ... why seamless patterns are a great product for sale
  • ... what programs you can use to create patterns
  • ... how to create a template in the right size and color profile
  • ... the different ways to add clipart to your document - from drawing them yourself to purchasing commercial use friendly graphics
  • ... how to create the pattern in two steps
  • ... how to test if your pattern is really seamless

What you'll need for this class:

  • an iPad with Apple Pencil capability
  • Procreate

What you'll get

  • 7 Lessons in FullHD (31 minutes in total)
  • Boho Clipart
  • Procreate Color Swatch
  • Once finished you automatically get a Certificate of Graduation!
  • Subtitles in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese 

Here is another pattern I've created from the clipart you can find in the class.
You can use these clipart over and over again and I promise: If you use them for a pattern it will look completely different from mine.
That's the beauty of having a bunch of clipart!

See another pattern from the same set of clipart. If you have, let's say 20 clipart, you can create easily an entire set of patterns and therefore a digital product from it.

Features & Benefits

This class helps you in manageable lessons to create your own seamless patterns. And while it can be a bit tricky I've broken it down into pieces you can easily consume.

The good thing is that you can use this new skill just for fun. You create your own patterns, apply them to various products or even to your own fabric and enjoy using it.

But this fun skill also lets you have your own business. You can easily sell your pattern sets as digital products or you an apply them to physical products and let print on demand sites do the rest for you.

No matter what you decide to do you'll have a lot of fun! And I promise creating patterns is addictive!

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