Do you want something desperately? Here is your free Printable Savings Jar!

When I was a child I never understood that my mum, grandpa or grandma were not longing for Christmas to come. Or the next birthday. Or whatever gave an opportunity to get a present :-). I really could hardly sleep and in my mind I always had that thing in front of my eyes I longed for. I counted the days.
Maybe you remember that feeling, too?
I know that actually slowed down over the years. Especially because today I can just walk in the next store and get it myself.
But I realised that I long more for something I cannot buy right away. It might be too expensive. It might be that there are other things (a new dishwasher or washing machine for example!) which are just more important. Or... you name it! As an adult you use your brain much more than a child.

I have added this Savings Jar Printable to the Library where you can download it for free. Use it for the next big thing you long for!

Using your brain as an adult rather than the feeling that one thing you want gives you doesn't mean you should forget about the things you long for.
Get that feeling from your childhood back - with this free printable savings jar.
Because if you save for something you really want - day by day - it's more valuable!

This file can be found in the Library. The file number is: SKU3002.

There are two versions of the Printable Savings Tracker inside - one with and one without kitten. I just couldn't resist because I found them so cute ūüôā

Also, I have added two sizes. Both savings tracker are available in A4 and A5 format. Print them and glue them in your bullet journal or just use them as they are.

Why Printable Savings Tracker Are Great to Use

Printable savings trackers are fantastic tools for managing and visualizing your financial goals. They provide a simple and customizable way to keep track of your savings progress, helping you stay motivated and organized. By filling in the tracker, you can see your achievements at a glance and easily adjust your savings strategy if needed. Plus, they add a personal touch to your financial planning, making the process more enjoyable and engaging. Whether you're saving for a big purchase, an emergency fund, or just trying to build better financial habits, a printable savings tracker can be an invaluable companion on your journey to financial success.

It's not just a savings tracker which can go a long way. I have put together a bundle for you to keep track of your daily life. I added a book tracker as well as a daily tracker. You also get the Printable Savings Jar - with the kitten and without!

If you like to be organised that's for you. The best thing is: You can print it forever if you need a new tracker, reading list or savings jar!

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