Create and sell Watercolor Wall Art as a downloadable File 

***Turn on the sound of the video to listen to all the features this class has to offer!***

Do you wanna sell your own Artwork?

Then it’s time for you to go one step further and finally get that artwork in your own online shop or on Etsy to sell it to people who love it!

No, I’m not talking about selling your original files but your digitised artwork. I’m talking about you drawing your artwork and then digitising it and getting it ready for sale.

This and more is what we are going to cover in this class. I show you step by step how to draw these beautiful leaves with watercolor. We sketch, mix the colors and finally add line art. Then we will scan our artwork in a high resolution and clean it up in Photoshop.

You'll learn

  • ... what Material you need for your Watercolor Journey!
  • ... how to mix Watercolor Colors
  • ... how to sketch your Motif and what Tools you should use
  • ... how to color your Artwork
  • ... how to add Line Art to your Drawing
  • ... how to scan, clean and save your Artwork
  • ... how to save your Artwork for your Customer in different Ratios
  • ... how to use a Mockup and save them in the right size for Etsy and your own Webshop 
  • ... how to prepare your Files for sale and upload them to Dropbox 
  • ... how to create a PDF to make sure your Customers can download your File easily 

What you'll need for this class:

  • Watercolor Supplies like a Paint Box, Brushes, Watercolor Paper, a Towel and a Mixed Palette (a Plate is fine, too!)
  • a Scanner
  • Adobe Photoshop (you can download a 30-days free Trial) from the Adobe Website

What you'll get

  • 13 Lessons in FullHD (about 60 minutes in total)
  • a PDF with all the Material you need (Links provided so you get the idea)
  • High Resolution Watercolor Canvases to create your downloadable File
  • Once finished you automatically get a Certificate of Graduation!

Features & Benefits

This class gives you another idea how to build your business with digital products. In this case we draw a watercolor painting together and, even more important, digitize it. This means that you can whether sell your artwork or have it printed in different resolutions and on different material for your customers and your own home.
It's a complete business blueprint if you want to sell your digital drawings. Of course you do not need to use watercolor. Acrylic or gouache is fine as well. Sketching and mixing techniques as well as scanning and packaging your product is valid for any material. Even if you decide to transfer to digital painting you can do that as well and still use this class as your business blueprint.

Pay once for this class and access it forever (updates included!), it's yours!

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