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Hi there! I'm Monja.
I'm a Digital Artist, a Graphic Designer and a Teacher and I show you how to level up your illustration skills with art, illustration & design classes taught in Procreate and the Affinity Suite.
And along the way we might just have fun being creative or turn our creative endeavours into graphic sets, pillows, wall art and other lovely products to make your passion your profession while having the freedom to work where you want and when you want. 

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Unlock Your Creativity with Online Art Classes and Design Resources
while learning from Home

Digidesignresort offers not only a library of watercolor and vector art but also the Safari Lounge Designer Classes as a bundle of online art classes where you brush up your illustration and design skills and maybe -if that's your goal- build a sustainable creative business. The Safari Lounge does not only offer a convenient and accessible way to improve your skills in design and art but also a community of like-minded people and design resources which allow you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.
The online art classes cover a wide range of topics. We work in pixel-based programs such as Procreate or Adobe Photoshop as well as in vector-based programs such as Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator. We draw, design and create everything from wall art to postcards and graphic sets. You maybe have the ambition to sell your art but you are also welcome to be „just“ creative and draw and paint with me rather than building a business. I have something for each need and hold your hand along the way.

Illustrate Your Imagination with my Illustration Classes: Learn Digital Art, Illustrate & Design

With the Safari Lounge Designer Classes Digidesignresort offers a bundle of popular online art and illustration classes which focus on learning how to create raster images as well as vector clipart. So far many hobbyists, artists and designers have joined the Safari Lounge for instruction and inspiration. One reason is that the Safari Lounge Illustration & Art Classes focus on digital tools like Procreate and Affinity Designer which are affordable and accessible without any subscription.
In my online art classes we draw and illustrate together but also create our own digital products just like wall art, greeting cards or graphic sets with the help of these two popular programs (and other). No matter if you only want to create wall art to brush up your home with your own unique art prints or if you want to sell these print sets as digital products you are welcome to learn with us in the Safari Lounge Art Classes.