What is Scrapbooking?

If you ask yourself "What is Scrapbooking?" I can assure you that getting started is the most difficult part about scrapbooking. I can hear you.

As with everything you want to get started on - making your first scrapbook, can be a headache. You may love it this moment but then you mess up one part by adding an unnecessary element, and then you immediately want to discard it.

How to Start Scrapbooking

  • First, look for Inspiration
    Sure, those layouts maybe other people's memories but you can pull little things you like. For example, you may like how this person lays out her pictures but don’t like her way of adding embellishments. That’s okay, you can scrap your own way or get more inspiration from others. It depends if you want to make your own or if you want to make a hodgepodge of styles.
  • A recommended place for looking for inspiration and layouts or designs is Pinterest (or my Instagram 😉 ). You can make a board for your project or multiple projects at the same time. You can also look for things that you feel like matches the essence or theme of your scrapbook. For example, sunflowers or piles of autumn/fall leaves. You can browse through my content for inspiration if you want.

Plan your Theme

  • For those who want to make their own layout, I advise planning. What theme or essence are you going for? The layout can be inspired by which season you made these memories; like summer or winter, a spring day, an "Halloween" or just "Thanksgiving".
  • Maybe you want a Beach or a  Mexican theme, you can also check out some inspirations on the web.
  • If you plan, you can choose the elements you want to add to your scrapbook. What is the essence of the story? Take some notes and then start gathering what you need. This might help you to get started.

Choose your Materials and Methods

  • Once you have your theme in mind, the method of putting things together comes naturally. Like drawing, gluing, or taping. Most people use all of these together, but that’s up to you, of course. Make sure you can afford all this stuff, too. So maybe just grab the most essential tools as listed here.
    Of course you also need a Scrapbooking Kit. Get them from my store. They are perfect for hybrid scrapbooking which means that they are all in 300 dpi. You can print the papers and elements as often as you like!
  • The good news is: You can use digital scrapbooking kits to mix and match different embellishments or elements. You can also look for inspiration through your digital stash. Sometimes different embellishments can spark multiple different ideas, write those down. You may use these in the future.
    You'll find that hybrid scrapbooking is less expensive in the long run since you can print out the elements and papers as often as you like. You might want to use the Epson EcoTank Printer, I wrote a review here (see how I use that printer).
  • Digital scrapbooking papers and elements can be used for your other creative projects, too. For example, Bullet Journaling, card making, and paper crafts - but you can also print out stickers for other creative projects. See how many possibilities you have with just one Digital Scrapbooking Kit? 

Preserving Memories

Once you get your inspiration and everything is planned out, start collecting the things you need. Most importantly, the memories you have. Your “memories” may be photos (this is what it usually is), snippets of something you treasure, tickets, or little knick-knacks you can fit in your scrapbook. These are the most important ingredients of your scrapbook.
You can leave room for more memories at the end of your scrapbook so you can fill them in when the day comes. That way you can start just a few days after you go make the memories. If you follow this method, it can feel more rewarding because you are filling it up as you go. The downfall of this is that you don’t exactly know how many pages you need. With a ring-binding you should be able to preserve a lot of memories though!

The great thing is that you can always add more. It will take time until your entire rings are filled!

Are you inspired to start your scrapbook now?

Not yet? Maybe you're not in the mood. In this case, another way to start is to use your most recent pictures. You can just scrap the "who", "what", "when" and "where" on your page. Besides, that's the essence of scrapbooking - to record memories.

If you still feel overwhelmed why not stretch the making of this scrapbooking (if you're doing this after you already made your memories) over days. This is most likely when you are busy. Like I said, plan things out - you will thank yourself for it.

If you're still not inspired, then just start. You may pick up the mood or inspiration as you go along. 

If you feel compelled to start, good luck! I hope you finish your scrapbook and make good memories (if you haven’t already). 

Let's make things even easier...

I know, tips are nice but doing is the actual essential part! So why not start with my Course "Easy Digital Scrapbooking"?

During this class I show you how the Project Life App from Becky Higgins works - it helps you preserve your memories, one day at a time in 5 minutes for later editing if you want to and if not - just print out those pages and have your own photo book done in no time!

Joining the Class also means that you get a few editable files to create Project Life Cards yourself.

Create for example these cards with the Scrapbooking Kit "Say Cheese"!

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