What is a Scrapbook?

A scrapbook is simply a decorated book that holds a set of memories, often referred to as a decorated photo album. The main purpose of a scrapbook is to preserve personal and family history because it can hold memorabilia like photos, tickets, letters, tickets, certificates, and a lot more that you love to add to your scrapbook but it is also good for your health to scrapbook.

You can usually start scrapbooking by collecting photos (just print those snapshots from your phone), clippings, and other small items that you want to preserve. You might want to scrap a family album or you want to create a scrapbook for each milestone like your baby’s first 12 months, your family's summer vacation on a beach, or your grandparents' happy moments.

Basic Scrapbook Tools and Materials

Some beginners are confused on where to start their own scrapbook. Though you can use any material available, you might need these basic tools and materials to get you started.

  1. Card Stock* - this hard paper is one of the basic materials to create a scrapbook because it works as the base. The durability of card stocks keeps your scrapbooks intact. Choose the perfect Scrapbook Paper for your project and print the patterned papers (the graphics you find in our store) yourself to save time and print as many sheets as you need. 
  2. Patterned Papers - these beautiful papers come in different designs, sizes, and patterns. You can choose your papers depending on your theme. You can use the same kit paper, but you can use different patterned papers in one scrapbook. You just really need to be creative to achieve the look you want.
  3. Scissors* and Cutters* - a good pair of scissors is a basic tool in any scrapbooking and paper craft projects. You may need to cut different shapes or elements for your scrapbook so you need to carefully pick the right style of scissor for your scraps. If you want to cut a zig-zag edged sticker then you may need a zig-zag style scissors*.
  4. Embellishments - these are the decorations that give life to your scrapbooks. They come in a variety of shapes, colours, designs, and styles. They give your scrapbook a personal touch. Examples of these are flower cuts, laces, beads, buttons, and many more. The great thing about digital scrapbooking is that these embellishments are already in your scrapbooking sets you've downloaded and you can print them as often as you like as well! Usually when you get a scrapbooking set in our store there are already papers and elements included.
  5. Adhesive* - this is also very essential in every scrapbooking project because you need to attach all your photos and embellishments to your papers. There are different kinds of adhesive that you can buy from your favorite craft store starting from tapes to glues. It is recommended to use a double-sided tape to paste your photos and papers because they are easy to use and it’s not messy. Use a glue gun* to attach buttons and to bind your scrapbook.
  6. Binding - if you want to bind your pages together, you need a binding. Spiral binding technique is the easiest method for beginners. Or you can just punch a hole on the sides and use a yarn or twine to hold your scrapbook pages together. Instead of recommending one single product please check out my videos about book binding here and here so you see what you need for your specific project.
  7. Photos - a scrapbook is “not” a scrapbook if there are no photos glued in it! So don’t forget the most important material in scrapbooking - your most treasured photos! Sort and list the photos you want to use for your scrapbook. In doing this, you can plan on how you want to arrange them, and you can prepare the embellishments and elements that go with them. Check your mobile to get out all the snapshots you want to use - I know I have tons in my iCloud 😀

These basic tools and materials are good enough to start your first scrapbook. Depending on your budget, you can play with your papers and embellishments to create awesome scrapbooks. The easiest and cheapest way to get started though is to get a digital scrapbooking kit and print out what you need for your project!

How to create Scrapbooks fast, easy and without all the hassle and mess

While some prefer the traditional way of scrapbooking, where they buy and stock their basic tools and materials like papers and embellishments, many are into hybrid scrapbooking recently. 
It's cheaper and you don't need to leave the house to get additional papers and embellishments. Beside that, when you've bought a scrapbooking kit you can print out the elements and papers as often as you wish without any additional costs beside ink and paper.

Another advantage doing hybrid scrapbooking is that you do not need to store tons of papers and embellishments in your home. You just print what you need right away to scrapbook your next project. If for nothing else it is also good for our environment! And honestly, with a good printer (review of my printer) and paper you don't see the difference between a paper you bought at a store separately and one you printed at home.

Prepare your photos and join me in creating awesome scrapbooks!

If you wanna join me in a guided Mini Album Class check out my courses. I've put together an intensive step-by-step course about how to create a Mini Album for Baby Boys - with all the Papers and Embellishments you need! 
In step-by-step video tutorials and a PDF I guide you in the self-paced course on your way to creating your Mini Album - quick and easily and without book binding!

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