What are some scrapbook ideas for a best friend?

Your best friend deserves something special from you. And a scrapbook is one of the best gifts you can give because it is unique.

You can fill your scrapbook with photos, tokens, and stories and share these wonderful memories with your best friend. Your scrapbook is surely a memorable present and helps you two to indulge in memories.

Scrapbook Ideas for your best Friend

If you are creating a scrapbook for your bestfriend as a gift, here are some helpful tips and ideas to get you started.

1. Pick a Theme

Before you start scrapbooking, it is best to decide what memories you want to put together, and choose what theme you will incorporate into your scrapbook. This will help you choose the right colour scheme.

  • Trip or Event: maybe you have had an unforgettable trip together to Australia. You can gather all your memorable photos together and you'll get to know what papers and elements to use.
  • Your best friend's Characteristics: a list of characteristics that you appreciate most about your best friend.
  • History of your Friendship: nothing is more special than reminiscing the beginning of your friendship. 
  • Your best friend's Interest or Passion: If your best friend loves volleyball, you can make a scrapbook for her/him about her passion for volleyball.

2. Draft an Outline

When you do scrapbooking, it does not always have to be perfect. But just like in other art and design projects, you must have an outline to figure out what memories you want to highlight and what decorations you want to use for those. 

You decide about the size and how many pages you will need. This way you can get an idea how many pictures and elements you will need. It will also save you time when gathering and printing your scrapbooking supplies.

3. Gather your Supplies

First, gather the pictures, tickets, and other memorabilia you want to preserve in the scrapbook. 

Next, decide what kind of your scrapbook album and other supplies you will need for your project. Choose papers and embellishments that matches your theme.

Here at Digidesignresort we follow four steps:

Choose - Edit - Print - Preserve

In this case it means that you first choose your digital scrapbooking kit (have a look at my store for a printable scrapbooking kit), then you edit it to make it fit your needs. After that you'll print your papers and supplies (learn about my printer here) and then we start preserving aka scrapbooking 🙂

4. Plan when and where to Scrapbook

Set aside some time to scrapbook. You will need several hours to edit and print your supplies as well as some more to finish your project so you have to plan when you will do it. Plan accordingly especially when you have other jobs to do.

Also, pick a comfortable space where you will scrapbook. It can be in your living room, in your porch, or in your craft room. Wherever you feel comfortable is fine. Just make sure that you finish it.

You see - getting a scrapbook together takes some time and commitment but that is worth it because you create something that won't be thrown away and not remembered in a year from now, it will be treasured forever. Because it's special.

What happens if you don't have that much time?

No worries! I have you covered. I know the worst part is to choose the right Scrapbooking Kit and edit the material you need. 
Here is the easy way for you - I have already done that for you!

I put together a Scrapbooking Class for Boys (no matter if it's your best friend, your baby boy, your husband, father or grandpa) this Class will work for you. And - women also don't mind blue, do they? It's all there - lots of inspiration for scrapbooking layouts (tons of videos!) as well as the complete material, from elements to papers, all ready to start.

What are you waiting for?

Let's get started - even if you are an absolute scrapbook beginner and you wanna have some scrapbook ideas for a best friend you can just try it out for FREE, there is nothing to lose and you have lifetime access!

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