Bullet Journal Ideas: Things to Check Out

Do you need new Bullet Journal Ideas? Then this spread is just for you.
Do you have new series you want to check out on Netflix? Or are you craving for a specific food that you want to savour later? Create a Things to Checkout Spread for your Bullet Journal where you can list down those new things so you won't forget them - especially when you need a toolbox when you feel bored. 


You don't need a lot of materials to create your Things to Checkout Spread. Here's what I've used:

Mostly these are suggestions. If the one or other suggested material is no longer available or doesn't suit your budget choose something similar.

Want the full Spread to print out?

Check out the Sunset Scrapper Club where you can find this and many more printable, tutorials and all necessary material - from spreads to papers and full scrapbooking kits and much more!

Bullet Journal Ideas: How to Create a Things to Check Out Spread 

Creating your Checkout Spread for your Bullet Journal is as easy as our other tutorials. You just have to follow along as I guide you step by step on how to do it.

Here is an overview of what you'll learn in the video. Just click on the links and you automatically go to that minute in the video.

  • 00:13 Mark the Spread
  • 01:33 Draw the Frames
  • 02:44 Create Boxes for your Spread
  • 03:06 Shadows for your Boxes
  • 04:14 Draw Shadows Around the Frames
  • 04:39 Outline the Title of the Spread
  • 05:30 Add a Washi Tape on the Spread
  • 06:32 Write the Headings
  • 06:58 We are done! 

If you've gathered all that you need, then let's get started!

Mark the Spread

First, you need to draw some points on your spread. Here, I lightly draw a bold "THINGS" at the center, and make some dots or marks so I know where to exactly draw my boxes. This step will help you determine where to set your other boxes.

Draw the Frames

Next, use your Tombow dual brush pen with a fine tip to draw your boxes. Use your set square so your frames will have nice straight sides. Make sure that all the boxes are connected to the "THINGS" at the center and make it look like it is in front of the boxes.

Draw Shadows Around the Frames

Again, use your Tombow dual brush pen to draw some shadows around the frames. You can control the darkness of your shadow. Here, I just draw a light shadow.

Outline the Title of the Spread

Use the black dual brush pen to outline the "THINGS" so it will stand out.

Add a Washi Tape to the Spread

Add a piece of black washi tape on your title. Cover half of the "THINGS" horizontally.

If you are following my tutorials, you would notice that I also used this technique for the A Pinterest Tracker for your Bullet Journal and the Motivational Tracker for your Bullet Journal: I can, I do, I will, I’ve done. If you are interested, you can check these tutorials anytime.

After adding the washi tape, use your white sharpie to write the bottom half of the title that was covered. Now you have two colours - black on top and white at the bottom. Also, write "To Check Out" under "Things". 

Write the Headings

Write the headings on top of the boxes. If you want to check out new movies, foods,books, and shows, you will write them as your headings. Of course

We are done!

Here is the things to check out spread - now you just need to fill the boxes!

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