Shipping & Returns

We are currently accepting payments via Paypal only which includes for you the use of your credit card without providing us any personal payment information.


Due to the downloadable nature of this product, all sales are final. If it appears that there has been a problem with your order, or you have questions, please contact us and we will get back to you.  If we cannot provide the product you´ve bought we are happy to refund your order. If you have any quality issues which cannot be fixed we will also refund your money. In any case we will be able to deliver your product we will do all we can to do so.

Purchasing of CD Collections/Backups/other Artwork

If your product has any quality issues or if you don´t want to keep it you can send it back at any time except it is a downloadable product. Downloadable products purchased on CD cannot be returned.
All other products can be send back in a timeframe of two weeks. If you want to give a product back you first send an email to and let us know you are going to send it back. After our confirmation you can get it to mail. If your product has quality issues we will pay for your shipping expenses. If not you need to pay for them as long as it costs more than 40 Euros. We will refund your money as soon as your order arrived here in Germany and has no signs of use. If it has any signs of use the refund will be (1) - 10% for small signs of use (2) - 20% for heavy signs of use. If the product is damaged in any way no refund will be given.

Please contact us with any issue before you return your product. We are happy to work something out with you. 

Artist Studio DVDs

There are special Terms of Service for our DVDs, former mentioned TOUS are not valid for the Artist Studio DVDs. 
In the purchase of the Artist Studio DVDs the shipping costs are already included. The shipping is unsecure, means we cannot track shipping - we send it to your risk. However in rare cases when shipping won´t arrive you´ll be able to a. get a download coupon for your order or b. pay a shipping of 10$ and we will send the DVDs again. As a service we split the costs (shipping to your costs, the DVDs to our) this produces. However, you can of course have a secure sending of our DVDs. Then please contact us directly after purchasing our DVDs at and we will send you an invoice for the secure shipping.
Artist Studio DVDs are not-refundable. If you have any issues using the DVDs (they are tested before sending so you shouldn´t have any problems) you will be asked to send the DVD back to us. If an issue appeared we will deliver another copy of the DVD free of charge for you. 

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