Scrapbooking Terms you need to know

Some Digital Scrapbooking Terms are important to know because they seem to be everywhere in the scrapbooking world!

The most important scrapbooking terms for a digital scrapbooker are most probably "digital scrapbooking kit" and graphic program.
I want to name those first because this is exactly what you need. A graphic set or digital scrapbooking kit which consists of backgrounds, embellishments, clusters, quick pages and more as well as a graphic program to turn those goodies into lovely scrapbook layouts. But let's start with the most obvious.

1. Backgrounds

Backgrounds are the base for each scrapbooking layout. No matter if you print it out in the preferred size or use it digitally you need to have a foundation under your images. That is what we call paper or backgrounds in the digital scrapbooking world.
Those usually come in 12x12 inch or 3600x3600 pixel. As all the other graphics which are added to a scrapbooking kit they have 300 dpi so they can be easily printed.

2. Embellishments

Embellishments or elements are the graphics in your graphic set which come in PNG Format. This means that they have a transparent background and can be dragged onto your paper without covering it or your photos. More or less they decorate your scrapbook layout. A frame, brad, eyelet, flower, sticker or anything like that can be an embellishment.

3. Clusters

Clusters are elements presented in a new way. With a cluster you might get a frame decorated with flowers, animals or whatever elements suit your cluster. They are great to quickly create individual layouts because you decide how to position which cluster on the background of your choice. Usually they consists of the separate elements which are already included in your kit. A real time saver for you without loosing individuality! 

4. Quick Pages

These are ready made scrapbook layouts with a hole somewhere. They come in 12x12 inch (usually) and come in PNG format. This allows you to open them in a graphic program of your choice and put a picture behind the hole(s). They are perfect if you want to create a photo book without the hassle of creating each page yourself. 

5. Word Art

Word Arts add some text to your scrapbook layout and are usually designed in different colors and with different fonts. They also come in PNG format so you can add them anywhere on your scrapbook page. Sometimes they come as quotes and give your page the little extra it needs!

6. Memory Planning

Memory Planning is relatively new. For me it's scrapbooking in your planner. Basically you have a planner and decorate it with different stickers, photos and quotes together with your appointments and To-Do Lists. If you have never tried it you definitely should. As Heidi Swapp says it definitely helps you to "stop the blur" because you remember single days much better.

7. Digital Scrapbooking

Digital Scrapbooking is scrapbooking on the computer. You download a digital scrapbooking kit with all or most of the items mentioned above and put them together in a graphic program of your choice. This could be Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, Affinity Designer or any other program which can work with PNG and JPG formats.

You do not just stick to scrapbooking layouts. You can also create greeting cards or any other printable just like a game (memory, e.g.), a class schedule or whatever you can think of.

8. Hybrid Scrapbooking

Hybrid Scrapbooking is my favorite way to do scrapbooking. It gives me so many options! I get a digital kit, print out the papers I like most in the format I need and then start to put something nice together. I'd do the same with traditional scrapbooking but hybrid scrapbooking has many more advantages:

  • It is eco-friends - I don't store tons of supplies but print what I need when I need it
  • It's easy to store because I just need to save the cut files on my computer
  • I can print the elements and papers on e.g. acid free paper, on paper which is really thick or thin - everything to my liking!
  • I can print out elements and papers as often as I like so I can use more than one in my layouts
  • I don't need to drive to scrapbooking stores (which are hard to find in Germany anyway!)

I guess I've missed a few advantages. If you don't know hybrid scrapbooking you should definitely try it with my free hybrid scrapbooking class "Firsts" - it includes everything you need, from backgrounds over embellishments but also cut files and appropriate instructions in video format.

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