Scrapbook Decoration Ideas

If your creative wells have depleted and you are out of scrapbook decoration ideas, no need to worry! Here’s a tutorial that could perhaps fill those wells and prompt you to continue your scrapbook journey and give you new scrapbook decoration ideas!

All you have to do is follow the instructions. They’re pretty easy so you can have someone else with you (and they could give some inspiration as well!). 

Scrapbook Decoration Ideas for your Project

In my How to Make a Scrapbook from Scratch tutorial, I have shown you how to make your own scrapbook from scratch. Now, I'll show you some scrapbook decoration ideas that are helpful for your next project.

  • 02:51 Get Your Photos Ready 
  • 04:10 Make Crisscross Patterns Out Of Paper Strips
  • 09:07 Add Your Photos and Elements 
  • 10:16 Add your Stories 
  • 11:18 Add More Elements 


In this Mini Book Collection I use the It's A Boy's World scrapbooking Kit. In the scrapbooking course all the graphics you need are already prepared, including cut files for your Silhouette or any other die cut machine!

You get all the graphics you need - from circles to tags, elements and papers you also get an eBook and step-by-step video tutorials.

Here are the other materials that you'll need for this tutorial.

Get Your Photos Ready

First of all, you need the memories that you want to preserve and remember, aka the photos. It doesn't matter if these are photos of your baby boy, baby cat, baby dog, or any photo that you want to use.

You can place them wherever you want, of course, but try to put a bit of space in between each for the elements to poke out.

Make Crisscross Patterns Out Of Paper Strips

Next, the elements! Cut strips of papers. How the elements look like in the finished product is always mostly up to your own creative intuition. There is no perfect or wrong way to style/plan a scrapbook so just keep trying until you end up with something you like.

Beside that, the purpose of a scrapbook is to remember things you wish to remember so you should get to finally decide if you like how the scrapbook looks or not.

I've decided to create this sort of crisscross design. As I said, keep experimenting and you will find what you like. After you’ve found what you like, start cutting out the excess you don’t need (now) and glue it on.

Add Your Photos and Elements

And after sprinkling in some more elements and a tag (to remind yourself why this memory is important), I place the photos over.

Write Some Descriptions of Your Memories

Write a hashtag or a keyword for the memory so that you know why you chose this memory to treasure.

Add More Elements

The next thing on the layout list is little embellishments. You can add all sorts of things to spice up your scrapbook. For example, ribbons and laces, stamps, stickers, and jewels (the kind that you can stick on paper). It all depends on you and what kind of theme you’re going for. 

If you made it this far, congratulations! You’ve designed a scrapbook layout for a page. If you think yours look shabby, remember that the memories are the most important part of a scrapbook. Of course, if you’re really determined, you can always restart or tweak some things.

And there you have it! I hope that fired up the creative engines for scrapbook decoration ideas in your brain and made your mind gears turn. Remember to keep those memories!

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