My Mission is to help you create, sell and grow your Digital Product Business by providing you the best Trainings and Tools. I help you create evergreen Digital Products from your Artwork to grow a sustainable, panic-proof Business for years to come!

If you want to learn how to draw, paint, illustrate and design digital graphics for fun, if you want to create gifts and even if you wanna sell them as digital products you are at the right place!  I'll show you how and help you along the way. But no worries - this is not "a Business Membership" but one for Creatives like you - it's there for you to help you pick the right path, depending on what you want to learn - from drawing and painting to selling your art as digital products.

This Membership is your all in one solution: I show you how to draw, illustrate, design and sell digital products. And I'm here - each and every day - with constructive feedback and help whenever you need it! If you are not interested in selling your art - no worries, you can, of course, just enjoy being creative with us!

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And: I teach what I preach - I have been a digital product creator since 2006 and since 2008 I have sold them here at Digidesignresort with 40+ Designers. Many of them learned in the Safari Lounge Designer Classes how to design themselves.

Today I still sell digital products on the "big" sites like CreativeMarket and DesignCuts. The products I created years ago are still providing some income. And if you want a sustainable, panic-proof side-hustle or full-time business you are at the right place.


Art Challenge: Finding Inspiration in Nature

Do you want to be creative but you don't know how to get started? Then you should have a look at the Art Challenge. I deeply believe that we all can get inspired if we are willing to take on another perspective and that's what I show you in this class - for free!
I want you to get creative, without any pressure but with the help of all the provided resources, from a Workbook to Images and Color Palettes as well as Video lessons.

Learn everything you need to know about the App Procreate to start with digital design! Once mastered you can jump right into creating your own digital products - for fun or sale!
The best thing is - you get this class for free!

Procreate for iPad Beginner Class

Passive Income Streams for Artists

Once you got inspired and also got your fingers dirty drawing your first digital asset it's time to figure what you can do with your creative skills. In this class I show you six different Passive Income Streams for Artists!
What will you choose?

Learn how to  plan, prepare and finally draw your abstract art clipart in Procreate. I also show you how to turn those into a graphic set or real products!

Create an Abstract Art Set
in Procreate

From Procreate to Pattern

Learn how to create your own seamless patterns. Use this skill to create your own digital products or apply the patterns to physical products and sell them on POD sites or your own store!

If you want to learn how to draw abstract elements in Procreate and create your own Art Prints this class is for you!

Create Abstract Wall Art
in Procreate and Photoshop

Create a Mobile Phone Wallpaper in Procreate

Learn how to  create your own abstract mobile phone wallpaper in Procreate. We explore the app and create your first digital product with lots of fun!

If you want to learn Affinity Designer and create your own digital graphics in lots of lovely workshops this is your class.

Create Illustrations
in Affinity Designer

Print on Demand for Artists: Turn your Designs into real Products and sell them without the Hassle!

Learn how to sell your artwork with Print on Demand services you connect to your own website and store - for free! Sell effortlessly from the comfort of your home as if you have digital products.

One of the most requested classes finally arrived! Learn how to use Affinity Designer for your iPad and also learn how to draw and vectorize e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g -on the go-, on your iPad. Sure, you can sell your vectors and yes, we make them look great!

Vector-Girl (and Guy) on the Go!
Get familiar with Vector Art

Extracting Watercolor Leaves in Procreate to sell
Illustration Sets 

Learn one of the most important skills you need as a digital illustrator. You need to know how to extract your elements with texture and save your files as PNG files with a transparent background.
Because then you can create illustration sets and sell them!

One of the most valuable classes ever! We draw a watercolor artwork together, digitize it and finally package it for sale. We also save it in different ratios create previews for your web shop. Learn all this and more in Watercolor Wall Art Class.

Create and sell Watercolor Wall Art
as a downloadable File

Painting with Watercolor for Beginners 

If you enjoy painting with "real" watercolour or if you just wanna learn about the foundation this class is for you. I show you all the details about watercolor painting - from the different techniques to brush strokes, from mixing colors to your first project.

In the end you know how to use watercolours. It's the beginning of a whole new career if you want to start digitising what you have drawn and start selling your illustration packages!

Wanna learn a really valuable skill? With this class you learn how to use a sketch to draw your own illustrations. In Procreate. With Watercolor Brushes and Watercolor Texture. After this class you can draw illustrations and extract them from a textured background!

How to draw a Dragon in Procreate with Watercolor Brushes

Mastering Lettering Design in Photoshop

If you look around in your home you quickly notice that there are quotes everywhere: No matter if you look at your T-Shirt, your mug, pillow or wall art. In this class I show you why this is a really lucrative business model and how you can create this letting design yourself.

Wanna dig deeper into Affinity Designer for your iPad? Then this Class is for you! Draw your first vectors with the help of the shape tool and also learn to draw your own vectors. That's how we build an assets library!

Create Retro Flowers in Affinity Designer for Beginners


Read what others say about the Safari Lounge Designer Classes!

Dr. Marcel Tella-Amo

The courses that I have done from Monja have all been amazing. Everything seems so beautifully crafted, and it actually gave me a lot of entertainment, as well as relaxation and piece of mind. Because everything is so well guided, the pace feels perfect to follow the course, learn a lot, and enjoy at the same time. Totally Recommended!

Certificate of Graduation

Whenever you finish a class (and there is a new one to explore each month!) you'll get a Certificate of Graduation - something you can be proud of! This is issued to you automatically once you've finished the course. Use it for your next application or just as a reminder of getting a step closer to your goals!

Obviously your Certificate of Graduation will come with your name on it as well as a stamp to make it official!
If you want to earn the Safari Lounge Designer Classes Certificate there are a few classes (of your choice) you need to finish and you need to send me the projects - once done I get the full Certificate of Graduation to you!

Get a 7 Days FREE Trial. Cancel any time (I remind you), no obligations!
Click on "Learn more" to have the option to purchase each course separately.