If you are like me as a crafter you always need "new stuff". Nothing can make our creativity fly more than a new set of pencils or watercolour. I get you ūüėČ
I consider myself as "two" - I'm the crafter on the one hand, the person who loves doodling, hand lettering, scrapbooking, painting and Bullet Journaling (not to forget Digital Journaling!) and all the other fun stuff but also the designer on the other hand who loves surfing for new digital products, e.g. on CreativeMarket or DesignCuts and creates something new - or does it from scratch in Photoshop, Procreate and Affinity Designer on my iPad and so easily gets lost in creating new digital goods.
You are on the Crafter Resource Page now, I created one for designers as well. If you are interested in the Designer Resource Page please go here.

What do you need for Bullet Journaling?

OMG - I have so much stuff for Bullet Journaling! Why? Well, because I cannot resist ? Do I really need it? Most probably not. I guess I'd get along with much less but then: When I go shopping and look at all the stationary in the shops I just fall in love and have to buy them!
Don't fall into that trap. Especially if you are just a beginner there is not much you need. I will list everything for beginners and than the items I have but don't have to have ūüėČ

Bullet Journal Starter

Here is what you need as a Bullet Journal Beginner. Maybe you already have other items at home, that's fine - just use what you have and then stock up.

If you want to get more fancy...

Here are the things I'm in love with - not necessary but make life easier or nicer. In our videos you can see why I use what - check out our YouTube Channel and see yourself. Under each video you see what I use in that tutorial.

The cool thing is that you can make life easier, with stamps!
Here are some really nice ones:

What do you need for Hand Lettering?

If you are a Bullet Journalist you most probably need nothing additional to start Hand Lettering. In case you are not here is the most necessary setting:

Really interesting are the practise sheets you can find in Books or, e.g., ?on Etsy* and in our store. If you want to dig deeper it's a good idea to have a book about Hand Lettering as it usually explains the different fonts and gives you different alphabets but if you just want to try it out, grab a pencil and an exercise sheet to start.

Tip: You can always look on Pinterest for free Hand Lettering Sheets.

What do I need for Painting?

When I started studying arts at the University of Dortmund here in Germany we always used acrylic painting. We didn't have canvas but large sheets of paper and an easel plus some basic acrylic painting. That was it. The same is true for Watercolour. You can have all this fancy stuff but what you need is good paper and a small set of watercolour. I link though what I use today.

Acrylic Painting

I love to use acrylic painting because it's much easier to handle than oil painting. It dries faster, is less expensive and the results are beautiful. That doesn't mean that oil is a bad choice but for me acrylic painting is nicer and it doesn't stinks ;-).


Watercolour is a bit different to handle but a wonderful choice for drawing. Once you get a hang of it you'll see how easy it is to get amazing landscapes and elements drawn because it's a very forgiving medium. If something doesn't go 100% right you can always make the best of it.
Just make sure you really use high quality paper with about 300g.

What do I need for Scrapbooking?

There is a specific reason why I put Scrapbooking or Digital Scrapbooking at the very bottom. I believe that Scrapbooking is kind of a mixed media and you can use many of the supplies mentioned above for scrapbooking as well. Of course there are lovely supplies for any project, ready made 12x12 papers and even more elements but after all it's a good choice to use what you use for your art projects, make your own papers and elements or use the digital scrapbooking alternative.

I know you need a printer and ink but you just pay for the things you print and, if you decide to scrapbook digitally you con't even have to print it all but just your finished project.

So basically you have three options for your scrapbooking.

1. Paper Scrapbooking

Get lots of ready-made stuff - nice but limiting because you can just get what the industry offers you. Here are some examples.

These are just a few examples which grabbed my attention - there are tons more. If you watch the video on the product page from "Just my Style" you see how easy it can be to do your scrapbooking.

2. Hybrid Scrapbooking

You can basically grab any digital scrapbooking set, pull the elements on e.g. a Word Document, print them out and cut them.
The huge advantage is that you can print the elements and papers as often as you like. Also, you can mix and match elements and papers really inexpensively from different digital scrapbooking kits and all you need is some paper and your printer. Most probably you want to print in 12x12 but A4 is much handier and easier to store.
But even if - you can always have your 12x12 papers printed and then use them as your paper and print the elements yourself.
Here is what you need for Hybrid Scrapbooking:

3. Digital Scrapbooking

Do it all on your computer and print what you want to print - otherwise send your digital scrapbooking layout, card or whatever you've created by email or over social media to your family and friends.
Here is what you need for Digital Scrapbooking:

  • Digital Scrapbooking Set
  • Your Computer and a Printer* (in 12x12 if you want to)
  • An image editing program such as Photoshop Elements, Photoshop or the My Memories Suite (there are more though)

In our Video Section you can find tons of tutorials with supply lists for each so you know exactly what you need, including alternatives. 

So get your fingers dirty and find a new and satisfying hobby!

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