The Planner Buddy Club

Plan your Life in a fun way
and keep your memories alive!

In our every day life we need to stay on track! From appointments to meal planning, from laundry to our kids' football club meetings we need to plan our days to stay organized, to be productive and get things done. For these things we all have Planners, from Kikki K. to Erin Condren or a Happy Planner, they all help us to stay organized and to sort our life.

And to make things a bit nicer we can decorate our Planner with stickers and Washi Tapes and make them really personal, really ours. And that is what the Planner Buddy Club is for!

Here you find new Planner Stickers and Sticker Collections each and every month, for all occasions. From holidays to every day life, from checklists to hydrate stickers, we have it all!

And the best is: You can download all the stickers and print them as often as you wish

You don't know what a Life Planner is?

More often than you can imagine I call my Life Planner a life saver! Without it I really would lose it. I'm the girl who forgets appointments, meetings, the home- or housework or business related things I have to get done. It just happens so as you can imagine I sleep much better if I have my week planned out. 

And that is where a Life Planner comes in! It gives you weekly spreads where you can write down all your appointments, meetings and whatever is on your plate.

And the best is: You can also decorate it. You can add cute stickers, Washi Tapes and even photos so your Life Planner will become your Every-Day-Scrapbook because it also preserves your Memories! I bet as a Scrapbooker that is all you can ask for, isn't it?

I have a cute small Polaroid Printer I use to print pictures in a super small size directly from my phone. So even after years, when I go through my planner, I remember the moments which are precious to me. Really, just flipping trough my Planner brings all the memories back. Beside that, it really supports my creative outlet. The Planner is what I need every Sunday night to relax and get ready for the week. Once everything is scheduled I feel so much better and really, I get much more done in much less time!

I usually have my Meals for the week planned out as well as the grocery list which I tape into the Planner just as a sticky note. This way everything is handy when I leave the office. Really helpful!

My Planner also shows the pictures I took that day, just like a Scrapbook!

So, what do you learn in this class?

You learn everything you need to plan your life and use your Life Planner as a Scrapbook to make sure that you do not forget every day life! Do you remember what you did last Monday? No? No worries, me not either! But I can just go back to my Planner and check what I did.

Planning is not complicated nor do you need a lot of things to get started. Beside a (cheap) Life Planner you can get everywhere you need to access this class.

First, I show you what Planning is all about!

  • I show you different Planners and what you can expect from each of them
  • I show you what you need for Planning and what you can put inside
  • You will also learn how to find inspiration for your Planner decoration
  • ... and, beside many other things, you get TONS of different stickers! From Hydrate Stickers, to Laundry and Movie Night Stickers to full Sticker Collections - you'll find EVERYTHING in the Planner Buddy Club!
  • You get PDFs to download on your computer and print the stickers
  • You can decide if you cut them yourself or use the Sihouette File we add additionally for your convenience. So if you have a Silhouette Cameo you can get some Sticker Paper and simply cut the stickers out - on Sticker Paper.

Second, we will explore this FUN new Hobby in a Community!

  • That's not all! We also have a Facebook Group where you can ask for help and show your weekly spreads. You can also request further stickers and I'm happy to create them.
  • I plan live-sessions as well as Q&A Sessions as well as Tutorials for you to create your VERY own Stickers!

Third, I help you to get inspired!

  • In Plan with Me Videos you can literally look over my shoulder to see how I create my weekly spreads with the stickers available for you in the Planner Buddy Club!
  • In each video, you'll get a list of the things I used and you get access to them. If I use anything additional, you'll get a link where you can find the material.

Nope, that's not all! I promise, it's a fun place for you to hang out and, if you don't want to stay with us any longer for any reason, you are not locked into a contract - you can unsubscribe and re-subscribe if you wish to at any time!

Want to have your life all planned and sorted out? Want your week to be more relaxed because you actually know what you have to do? Then the Planner Buddy Club is right for you! It's SO MUCH more than just a place to hang out and have fun planning, it's a life saver which helps you to get ahead on all the things you need to do over the week.

  • MORE Me-Time
  • MORE FUN-Time
  • MORE Time with your Kids
  • MORE Time with your spouse

...just to name a few benefits!

Let's preserve our Memories together. Join 1,000s of other Crafters.

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