Photo Printer Portable: Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer

A Photo Printer Portable helps you to print photos on the go. Busy scrappers like us are often pulled in some challenging directions, and staying focused and efficient is a difficult task for anyone who loves printing photographs. Before the dawn of smartphones, we all relied on our computers to help us manage our scrapbook projects. Now, both smartphones and PCs provide us with  veritable tools to come up with awesome  images to scrapbook. Printing has also evolved with portable printers being sold in the market that scrappers would definitely fancy.

Photo Printer Portable: The Polaroid Printer

The Polaroid Photo Printer* (an older model) is the one I have and I never looked back. I just put it into my handbag and when I scrap or plan I quickly print out the picture I need! It offers images in 3x4 and works with zink paper you can easily fill in. Nowadays it produces high-quality and long lasting photos. Being a scrapper means we are sentimental and would always try to capture and share special moments. Look no further because your Polaroid Printer is something that you can bring to any party, gatherings and events. You can even carry this thing with a single hand! Print borderless or add a few mini-pictures with the help of the App on your mobile to a single sheet of paper. It supports iPhone, iPad, PCs, smartphones and tablets which means pairing your gadgets is like a breeze.

I can assure that it is very easy to set this printer which can be very convenient for scrappers who are not that into techie stuff. You won’t spend so much time figuring out how to set-up and operate this machine. 
Here is a page in my planner where I use this printer. You see, I've used the App to put several smaller images on one sheet of paper so I can use them for the little boxes in my Erin Condren Life Planner:

Scrappers like us can get consumables like paper packs and ink cartridges online or in physical stores. What separates this printer from similar machines isn’t the fancy stuff but rather the awesome clear prints it produces. This model has been in the market for a couple of years but still is very much appealing and updated, so don’t hesitate to take it for a spin.

You can find the printer here:

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