Paper Crafts with Scrapbooking Papers: How to make an envelope

Do paper crafts with scrapbooking papers! This easy paper craft is part of the Vintage Collection. Perfect for sending letters to friends and family.

Since we live in an age where you can just email your message, you might choose that way, but I think it’s more special if you sent a "real" letter. This is also perfect for teacher-appreciation gifts, birthday letters, christmas letters, and so much more. Anything that is to show that you remember these people in your life. 

Paper Crafts: How to Make an Envelope

This tutorial is pretty simple and easy so you can make an Envelope in a short amount of time. You can also do this with kids and other loved ones if you’re looking for a fun activity. Just follow the instructions and you’re good to go.

Also, you can always click on links below if you want to go to that minute on the video tutorial.

  • 01;05 Let's Start Printing the Envelope Template and the Paper
  • 01:24 Cut Out the Envelope Template 
  • 03:12 Score and Fold the Paper 
  • 03:36 Attach the Envelope Parts Together
  • 04:50 Decorate your Vintage Fantasy Envelope


To make an Envelope, you just need a few pieces of paper and a bit of glue.

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Let's Start Printing the Envelope Template and the Paper

As I have mentioned, creating your Vintage Fantasy Envelope is super easy. You just download the template (from the class) and the paper and print them using a good printer.

Print the template on one side and the Vintage Fantasy paper on the other side.

Cut Out the Envelope Template

Next, grab your scissors and start cutting out your template. Try to be as precise as you can so that the pieces fit nicely and we won’t have awkward bits of paper sticking out. Just cut along the solid lines.

You can use a cutter if you want, it’s best if you have a cutting board or mat for that so you won't damage your working table.

Score and Fold the Paper

Now, get your bone folder and score your template. Just follow the dashed lines. Next, fold the smaller flaps you see at the edges of each piece. Use a ruler to get straighter lines. If you don’t have a bone folder for this job, you can use your own nails or just a ruler. Anything that gets the job done. You have to fold your template repeatedly so you'll get a nice envelope.

Attach the Envelope Parts Together

Now put adhesive on the small flaps that you have folded, all except for the one on the big rectangle (you only need to fold that). 

Attach the smaller parts to the big rectangle. The two small pieces at both sides, of course. If you make a mistake, then you can try peeling it off and trying again but you could rip a bit of paper so be careful with that.

Now that all the pieces are attached together, you now have your envelope. Pressed the sides all over again to make it look nice.

And don't forget to put your letter or something you want to put inside your envelope before you close it.

Decorate your Vintage Fantasy Envelope

Now, grab a length of twine and tie it around the envelope. Tie it nicely.

Then use your glue gun to put some glue on a button of your choosing and attach it to the center of the twine. 

Lastly, if you happen to have a flower for this (this is a good way to customize this together with the button), tie it on with the twine. And you’re done!

Now you can use this for any event you choose it for. You can customize it anyway you want. You can add stickers and if you’re exchanging letters in person, the tag. Just remember, while the envelope may be pretty, the letter is what the person is going to really appreciate. The receiver will surely smile as he or she opens this!

Also, you can partner your hand-made Vintage Fantasy Envelope with this Vintage Fantasy Gift Box with a Heart. Yours will be a blast!

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