Mini Album Tutorial for Boys

I have a Mini Album Tutorial for you for all the boys that make your home a mess (in a fun way of course!).

This Mini Album helps you to preserve the happy memories of your baby boy and make sure that the rest of your family remembers that one time the baby actually smiled at the camera. 

Mini Album Tutorial for Baby Boys

This will take a bit longer than other tutorials but with the help of the video, you will be done in no time.

  • 02:24 Folding the Paper and gluing it together
  • 07:27 Preparing the Papers
  • 13:32 Adding the Spine of the Mini Album
  • 20:16 Decorating the Book Cover
  • 25:15 Decorating the Mini Album inside
  • 31:51 Telling Stories
  • 39:14 Mini Album Page Ideas


First of all, you need the class Mini Album "Firts". A lot of the elements and papers from the Scrapbook Kit "It's a Boy's World Kit" are already included. I've prepared it all for you, together with step-by-step tutorials, from creating the book to creating layouts!

Here's a list of what you need for the Mini Album Tutorial:

Folding the Paper and glueing it together

Fold the paper in half, then flip and fold, the final fold should have a white side on the exterior. Use your bone folder to smooth it out. You can choose as many papers as you like, in this one, we will use ten. That should be enough for a mini album.

To join them for the sewing, put adhesive tape on the white side, but only the one side that is nearest to the fold. So if the folded side is facing left, place the adhesive tape only on the left side.

Preparing the Papers

Then take your papers and sew the sides together except for at the top so that you will have a pocket. In the pocket, you can drop tickets in there and other little thingamabobs that bring back memories. Make as many pairs as you can with the papers you chose.

After you are done, take the sides that weren’t joined and glue them with rest by placing some adhesive tape on the side nearest to the fold and press it with another white side that hasn’t been joined yet. Once you’ve done that with all of them, add glue to all the sides that haven’t been joined together and press. 

Now grab your chipboards and glue them with adhesive tapes (on all sides) to both ends of your mini album.

Adding the Spine of the Mini Album

Now grab a piece of one of your papers, this will be the spine. Cut three inches (width) of the paper. Measure one inch from the edge and that will be where you fold the paper. Place some adhesive tape on the side closest to the fold. Use the bone folder to smooth it out.

Then place the paper on the spine of the album. After folding it to fit the spine, place adhesive tape on the other edge. Make sure that there’s no adhesive or glue on the actual spine or else you won’t be able to open and close it properly.

Now for the actual cover, you can choose two different kinds of papers for the front and back but that’s up to you. Use adhesive tape to glue the covers on so that it won’t easily tear away. 

Decorating the Book Cover

In this stage of the process, you can do absolutely whatever you want with the book cover. You can add elements or place paper fancily here and there. The best thing to use as glue for this is adhesive so that it doesn’t easily come off.

Decorating the Mini Album inside

Remember those pockets that we made? Well, that’s the first thing that we will decorate. Take your ruler and find the middle of the top of the pocket so that we will know where to punch the hole. The hole is to make it easier for us to pick out the tags. After marking where the hole should go, use your hole-puncher and punch out a semi-circle at the top. Do this with the rest of the pockets. 

Now pick which photos should go on which page and start filling your mini album with memories. This stage of the process is completely up to you. You can use the rest of your papers and the elements to frame the pictures and fill up each page. Of course, learn to balance the elements and decorations so that the page isn’t filled to the brim. Otherwise, the reader might be too overwhelmed.

To give you ideas, try using strips of paper to frame your photos and cut out select parts of the elements that you like.

Telling Stories

If you have a tag that you are going to insert in the pocket (what the tag contains is up to you), here’s a little something-something to help you pull it out. Get a little strip of paper and fold it over the top of the tag, leaving a little height so that you can pull at the strip of paper.

The tag is to store memorable little stories so that you never forget them as long as the mini album survives the passage of time.

Mini Album Page Ideas

A little tip to placing the elements is to place them on the page without gluing them first to see how well it looks. If remembering how the elements are placed is a problem for you, then take a picture and try to match what is in front of you to the picture you took. 

Once all the steps are finished, taada! You now have a mini album remembering the days when the boys were still babies, or maybe they still are now and you’re chronicling what’s happening around you. Now treasure this little album as it preserves memorable moments.

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