Is Scrapbooking expensive?

Is Scrapbooking expensive? You have your scrapbooking plan in mind. Now all you need are the materials. But then you look at your budget and you know it’s not going to make the cut. After all, your scrapbooking can wait until the next paycheck, can't it?
It can't and it doesn't have to. After all your Scrapbooking is there to preserve your memories and they can't wait!
Let’s talk about that here, there is a way around it.

Scrapbooking can get expensive if you buy your Materials repeatedly

Buying separate papers and embellishments over and over again at stores or online can be expensive.

This is why it’s so important to plan or you might spend your money on papers and embellishments you won’t even use in your scrapbook. You may get carried away picking them and end up buying them all because they're so pretty and you plan on using them for future projects. Remember that you may just throw them out because they’re just collecting dust in a corner in your house. Just buy the things you need for the moment.

If you make a mistake you can’t undo, you might have to start over again. You buy more materials and that can get costly. It’s quite discouraging and no one wants to make a mistake but if you do, don’t worry. You’re not the first one.

What you should do to save money while you enjoy Scrapbooking

If you want to minimize your expenses on scrapbooks, you should try digital or so called hybrid scrapbooking. All you need to do is download the digital scrapbooking kit (prepared for printing) you want to use for your project and use it as often as you need it.

Here is an example of an eBook with Cut files for creating quick and easy scrapbooking layouts again and again:

You can use your digital papers and elements to scrap on your tablet or computer (that is called digital scrapbooking). This means you need skills to master an image editing program. Also, you can print out the papers and embellishments you need on a good printer and on good paper. Even if you make a mistake it won’t cost you more than a printed paper. I believe that this is the best option - if you want the best from both worlds! Printing a ready-made PDF is much easier than putting things together in a digital program.

You can also create your own Digital Scrapbooking Supplies

You can learn new designing skills and create your own digital papers and elements. If you choose to do that you might want to check out the Safari Lounge Designer Classes!

If you choose to make your own designs, you can get inspired by making collages or looking at other people’s work.

You can use your digital supplies for more than just creating photo books. Use them for bullet journaling, digital journaling, paper crafts, card making and home decorations.

If you got plenty of creative projects in mind, then having digital scrapbooking supplies is so convenient and less expensive in the long run.

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