How to Make Instagram Work for Artists and Designers

Instagram is a great platform for artists to showcase their work, build their brand and connect with their audience. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a professional, Instagram can be a powerful tool to help you reach your goals. In this article, we’ll share some tips and tricks on how to make Instagram work for you as an artist. If you wanna follow me please go here.

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Define Your Brand and Aesthetic

The first step in making Instagram work for you is to define your brand and aesthetic. This means creating a consistent look and feel for your account that showcases your unique style and personality. This can include things like choosing a specific color palette, using certain filters, and posting at consistent times.

These are important points so it's a good idea to take your time to think about what sets you apart as an artist and what your unique selling point is. This will help you to create a brand that is true to who you are and what you stand for. After a long time of thinking about it - so no worries if it takes you a week or two 😉 - I committed that Digidesignresort gets a Boho Style. I totally like the natural colors and I think it fits to the overall theme. Boho stands for nature and an easy lifestyle and I believe that is what Digidesignresort also stands for. I want to bring an easy-relaxing time to you when you are here at Digidesignresort. We are here to relax and enjoy time being creative. For example, when you look at the sidebar I've chosen this creamy rose which reminds me at a beautiful sunset over the sea. The cream color we have here is the sand on the beach and the darker, earthy color is for everything else you find around the beach - like wood or stones. 

Create High-Quality Content

The next step is to create high-quality content that showcases your work in the best light possible. This means taking the time to take clear, well-lit photos or videos of your work, using relevant hashtags and captions, and engaging with your audience.

Make sure to post regularly and mix up the types of content you post, such as behind the scenes photos, work in progress shots, and finished pieces. This will help you to build a strong following and keep your audience engaged.

Here are a few examples of high quality content:

  • High-resolution images or videos of finished pieces, showcasing the details and quality of your work
  • Behind-the-scenes shots, such as your workspace, the materials you use, and your creative process
  • Time-lapse videos of your work in progress, giving your audience a glimpse into your process and showing the effort that goes into each piece
  • Inspirational quotes or sketches, to show your thought process and creativity
  • Studio visits, artist talks, or workshops, giving your audience an insight into your life as an artist
  • Collaborations with other artists or brands, showcasing your versatility and creativity

These are just a few examples, but the key is to post content that is visually appealing and showcases your unique style and talent as an artist or designer. And never forget: People are on social media (just like you and me!) to be entertained. We don't want anyone to sell something to us while we relax, do we? I mean if I find someone interesting and I like to learn more, I click on the link in the Bio. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get your content in front of a wider audience and connect with other artists and art lovers. Make sure to use relevant hashtags for each post, such as #art, #painting, #drawing, etc. You can also create your own branded hashtag to help build your brand and make it easier for your audience to find your work.

Here are some tips on how to find the right hashtags for artists and designers on Instagram:

  1. Use the Instagram search function: Type in keywords related to your work, such as #painting, #design, #art, etc. This will give you a list of popular hashtags that you can use on your own posts.
  2. Check out your competition: See what hashtags other artists and designers in your niche are using and add relevant ones to your own posts.
  3. Utilize hashtag generators: There are several free online tools, such as RiteTag and Hashtagify, that can help you find the most relevant hashtags for your niche.
  4. Keep an eye on trending hashtags: Check Instagram’s “Explore” page to see what hashtags are currently trending and consider incorporating these into your posts.
  5. Create your own branded hashtag: This can be your name or a unique phrase that represents your brand. Encourage your followers to use this hashtag when they post about your work.

Remember to keep your hashtags relevant, diverse, and specific to your niche. Also, don't forget to switch up the hashtags you use regularly to reach a wider audience.

Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is key to building a strong following on Instagram. This means responding to comments and messages, liking and commenting on other people’s posts, and collaborating with other artists and brands.

Make sure to also share other artists’ work that you admire and participate in Instagram challenges and events. This will help you to build relationships and connect with others in the art community.

Here are some ways artists and designers can find Instagram challenges:

  1. Search for relevant hashtags: Use the Instagram search function to find hashtags related to your niche, such as #artchallenge, #designchallenge, etc. You can also use hashtags related to specific mediums or styles, such as #watercolorchallenge or #graphicdesignchallenge.
  2. Follow industry influencers: Follow industry influencers and keep an eye on their posts to see if they’re participating in any challenges. They often post about challenges and encourage their followers to join in.
  3. Check out popular art and design accounts: Popular art and design accounts often host their own challenges, so follow accounts that align with your niche and look for challenge announcements on their profiles.
  4. Join online art communities: There are many online communities, such as Reddit and Facebook groups, dedicated to specific art and design niches. Check these communities for announcements about challenges.
  5. Create your own challenge: If you can’t find a challenge that fits your niche, why not create your own? Reach out to other artists and designers in your network and see if they’re interested in participating.

Participating in Instagram challenges is a great way to connect with other artists and designers, showcase your work, and build your following.

Utilise Instagram Stories and Reels

Instagram Stories and Reels are great ways to share more behind the scenes content and give your audience a sneak peek into your creative process. These features are also a great way to share short-form content and keep your audience engaged in between posts. The thing is: Instagram makes it no secret that they favor videos. So your ROI (return on investment) for your time creating content is significantly higher if you create videos.

Here are some ideas what artists and designers can post in their stories and reels:

Instagram Reels

  • Speed art or time-lapse videos of your work in progress
  • Tutorials or demonstrations of your techniques
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of your studio or workspace
  • Collaborations with other artists or brands

Instagram Stories

  • Sneak peeks of new projects or works in progress
  • Behind-the-scenes moments from your daily life as an artist or designer
  • Highlight reels of your completed works, showcasing the details and quality of your pieces
  • Polls or Q&As to engage with your audience and gather feedback
  • Collaborations with other artists or brands

Remember to keep your Reels and Stories visually appealing, relevant, and in line with your overall brand aesthetic. Also, don't hesitate to get creative and have fun with these features!

Monetise Your Account - indirectly

Instagram and other social media platforms are a great way to showcase your work and connect with your audience. However, it's important to remember that these platforms are rented land, and you don't have complete control over your content or data. That's why it's crucial to direct your followers to your own website and encourage them to sign up for your newsletter. Actually this is the best way to monetise your social media accounts such as Instagram. Social media is not for selling directly to your peeps but to get them into your orbit by getting their attention.

By offering freebies, such as exclusive access to your latest works, discount codes, or behind-the-scenes content, you can entice your followers to sign up for your newsletter. This way, you'll have a direct line of communication with your audience and can keep them updated on your latest projects, events, and promotions.

Your website and newsletter are your own digital real estate, and by building a strong community through these channels, you can establish a loyal following that supports your work. Plus, having a newsletter list can be a valuable asset for future marketing efforts, allowing you to reach your audience directly and effectively.

So, while social media is an important tool for promoting your work, don't overlook the importance of building a strong presence on your own website and through your newsletter. Your followers will appreciate the extra effort and the opportunity to engage with you on a deeper level.

Instagram can be a powerful tool for artists to showcase their work, build their brand, and connect with their audience. By following these tips and tricks, you can make Instagram work for you as an artist and reach your goals. So, get started today and start building your art community on Instagram!

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FREE Art Challenge

Finding creative Inspiration in Nature

Join for FREE! You'll learn how to observe and capture the beauty of nature in your art and develop your own unique style. Don't miss this opportunity to take your art to the next level.

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