How to make a Scrapbook from Scratch

This time I’m going to show you how to make a scrapbook from scratch. Pretty easy and pretty simple instructions are going to lead you to the end (which is a finished page) so you can do this with family members or a friend nearby. And remember to have fun!

How to Make a Scrapbook from Scratch

Scrapbooking has brought joy into my life so now I am sharing with you the fun of this wonderful hobby. Just follow along with me and let's have fun together while you look over my shoulder.

You can always click on the links of the video below if you want to jump on that part of the tutorial.

  • 01:47 Get Your Photos Ready
  • 04:41 Choose Elements to Decorate your Scrapbook
  • 09:43 Frame your Photos 
  • 11:50 Decorate your Scrapbook with Stamps 


You don't need a lot of materials to make your scrapbook. Here's what I've used.

Get Your Photos Ready

First and foremost, if you want to learn how to make a scrapbook from scratch you need the pictures you want to preserve.. And if you’re itching to go outside, maybe these pictures can offer you some comfort while you wait for things to settle down during the pandemic.

Here, I use the photos of our Mediterranean Cruise. You can use any photo that you want to preserve of course.

Choose Elements to Decorate your Scrapbook

Now choose which elements best compliment the picture it will be framing and start decorating your scrapbook page. Remember to balance the elements so that one side won’t be overloaded and the other side lacking. This part of the process is mostly up to your preference.

Our Hybrid Scrapbooking Kit "A Fresh Start" included in the Traveler's Journal Class is  so pretty easy to use and much less expensive compared to scrapbooking materials that you buy from physical stores. Download them and print away. You can now use as many elements as you need. 

Another tip is you can always cut elements in half if you only need or want one part for this page and you can use the excess later for another page or photo. 

Frame your Photos

Most of the process is trial and error and seeing what works for you and what doesn’t. If you like one particular way that you frame your photos, then use it again whenever you like and develop a style for you.

After the elements are in place, we have another little thing you can add to your scrapbook to make it even more special. 

Decorate your Scrapbook with Stamps

Stamps! If you’re starting to get into this scrapbooking thing, stamps are a good thing to have. Even if they’re just letters, that will definitely do the trick. Now you can write (stamp) whatever fits to the photos you have in your scrapbook. In here, I’m spelling Mediterranean sea because these were taken from the sea and I want to remember that.

Also, remember that if something doesn’t go well, and you don’t want to scratch off your progress, it’s okay to just leave it. These are your memories, after all.

And voila! Now you now how to make a scrapbook from scratch. You have finished a page (or two, or more!) of your scrapbook. I hope this tutorial inspired you to start making as many memories you like so that you can treasure them (in your scrapbook and heart).

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